How to make your bathroom spa quality

It's the little things that make a bathroom spa quality ... photo by CC user alexandria on pixabay

Does your bathroom make your skin crawl when you walk inside, or a bored “meh”? This space is one of the only places in your house where you are guaranteed to have some privacy … transform into a haven where you can go to recharge, rather than a place that merely serves basic human functions.

Below, we’ll give you some ideas to help you make your bathroom spa quality…

Pick a relaxing style to redo your current bathroom’s aesthetic

If your bathroom is to be a place of peace, serenity, and relaxation, you’ll need to overhaul its current utilitarian appearance.

As cosmetic as it may seem to you at the outset, the feel of a Portuguese tile underfoot, the look of sleek modernist interior design, and the aromatic scent of incense will transform your humble water closet into a world separated from the cares and concerns just outside your bathroom door.

Put in a heated floor

Before you lay down those stylish Moor-influenced tiles though, consider imbedding a heating system beneath them.

With the frigid days of winter not far from us these days, imagine how luxurious it would be to step from the bracing cool floor outside your bathroom, and onto a gently warmed surface within your personal cocoon from the worst that winter has to offer.

Work heat elements into your bathroom cabinets

Not many bathroom renovators think of this step, but we’ve dug up one of the hotter trends to hit spa style bathrooms just for you.

Wouldn’t you like it if your towels felt like they had just come out of the dryer, all the time, everyday? Work heat elements into where you store your bathroom linens (known in the industry as a warming drawer) when you refurbish your bathroom, and you’ll have one of those little perks that will make your feel like a rock star.

Install a steam shower

Nothing helps to undo the muscle cramps and kinks that the stresses of the modern world can inflict upon you quite like a steam shower.

Combining the relaxing qualities of a steam sauna with the cleansing functionality of a normal shower, you can also build other creature comforts into your unit like a foot massager, and a FM radio/MP3 audio system that allows you to rock out in the morning, and drift away on a sea of classical music in the evening.

Additionally, the base also functions as a whirlpool bath for those days that require full body immersion therapy (complete with aqua jets) in the hottest water you can stand.