Sadigh Gallery – Tips on Avoiding The Purchase of Fake Coins Or Artifacts

If you are a collector of coins and artifacts you will have no doubt heard stories of people who have lost a large amount of money after buying fakes, a very real challenge for any collector. Naturally this is something which you must avoid and we have got some tips for you on doing just that, brought to you by the Sadigh Gallery, experts in the field of collectables. Art fraud is a multimillion dollar industry and there are many individuals who dedicated themselves to creating coins and antiques which bear a striking resemblance to the original, yet are fake.

In order to avoid getting caught out here are some top tips on what you can be doing before you buy an item, to ensure that you don’t go home with a fake.

The Details

As they very often sat, the devil is in the details and this is specifically where you need to focus your efforts. Once you have identified a piece which you would like to buy it is time to do as much homework as you possibly can, looking for all of the key features which you should expect from the piece. When we talk about detail we are referring to more than juts indents and markings, you should also be looking for what materials have been used and any kind of discoloration. For example if you find a piece made in lead when this wouldn’t have been used at the time then that would set alarm bells ringing. Arm yourself with as much information as you possibly can and then make sure the piece matches up.


Although the occasional fake could slip through the net, reputable sellers will almost never sell fakes and although they may charge a little higher in terms of pricing, it is well worth it to have the security that you are buying a genuine piece. If you are buying from a private seller then you will have to approach with much more caution. You should conduct research online first about the seller before you decide to spend any of your money with them.

Trust Your Gut

One of the best pieces of advice is to trust your instincts on this and if you are in any doubt about a piece then just don’t buy it until you are sure. Now of course if this is a relatively inexpensive piece then it may well be worth taking a slight risk, for no other reason than someone is unlikely to invest the time in creating a fake for a very small amount of money which they may gain. If however you are looking at spending big then the best course of action if you have any doubts is to walk away. It is far better that you miss out on a piece than risk losing your money in buying a fraudulent piece of art or history.

Be careful out there collectors.