The Many Duties of Security Officers

You have probably seen a security guard at a nearby store, building or office and thought that they may not seem like they have much to do all day. You may have even considered getting security guards for your own business or building but are just not sure if it is the right investment for you. The truth is that security officers may be needed now more than ever and do a lot more than most people ever see or realize. Security forces need to be able to move from one task to another quickly and seamlessly to keep everything safe and in proper order. Here are just some of the many duties of security that can beneficial to your place of business or building:

  • Surveillance – Most people would consider surveillance to be one of the primary responsibilities of a security team. It is up to the officers to keep a close watch on the area for a couple of reasons. The presence of security can be a big deterrent and help prevent any crimes or incidents from ever occurring in the first place. Security can then quickly intervene and react if the situation calls for it and the security team can then become an investigative force for you. They can gather important information and details to report to law enforcement as it is needed.
  • Patrol – For large areas it is often necessary for security personnel to go on regular patrol. This can take place on foot as the guard may need to go from area to area or floor to floor to make sure everything is locked and secure. This can also include patrol in a vehicle for large areas such as malls, warehouses, factories and plants. This allows the officer to not only be seen to help in the deterring of potential crimes but also so that the officer can watch to see if anything is occurring.
  • Emergency Response – Security is there to act as the first line of defense in any emergency situation. A security officer is trained and prepared to help deal with a wide variety of situations that can come up, such as a fire at a facility, a medical emergency or a criminal event. Officers are trained to react quickly and properly to help out and notify the proper authorities as fast as possible to help deal with emergencies in the correct way.

Security can be used in many different ways and has many different functions. If you are considering looking into security companies in Houston, you want to be sure that you choose a place that has experienced, trained and versatile Houston security officers like Mustang Security and Investigations. Mustang Security has over fifty years of experience in working in the Houston area and providing security teams for a wide variety of security needs. You will be able to have the type of versatility and service you need the most from a security team to make sure you have the level of safety and protection you need.