Simple Ways to Effectively Detox Your Body

The concept of detoxing has become somewhat of a buzz word, with people trying a lot of different methods including expensive herbal-based detoxes and juice cleanses, often with the goal of also losing weight.

While fad diets and juice cleanses may not necessarily be the best way to detox your body, it is a relevant concept. Our bodies get exposed to toxins every day, and we also ingest substances that can be classified as toxins.

There are ways to help our systems eliminate these substances more quickly and efficiently, but a juice cleanse isn’t necessarily the best or only way.

The following are simple, effective, natural ways you can clear toxins from your body, without spending a lot of money.

Go with a Plant-Based Diet for a Period of Time

You might not necessarily be a vegan or vegetarian, but it can do your body some good to go with a plant-based diet for brief, intermittent periods of time.

When you eat a lot of organic fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains, it helps not only prevent additional toxins from being added to your body, but it also helps your body flush out existing toxins.

Lemon Water

The concept of this list is to highlight simple and natural ways to detox, and what can be simpler than water? Add some lemon to your water and drink it as soon as you wake up in the morning and throughout the day.

Lemon water not only rehydrates you but it also helps stimulate your digestive system and speed up the removal of waste from your body.


The sauna is a great place to detoxify your entire body, and it’s so popular that there’s even a sauna championship (yes, really). If your gym or local health club has a sauna, it can be an excellent place to sit for a few minutes on a regular basis, and your body will be able to sweat out all those impurities that can accumulate.

Hydrotherapy, or the process of taking a shower that alternates hot and cold water can be beneficial too. Simply turn on the hot water and let it run down your back for a few minutes, and then alternate to a few seconds of cold.

It’s not only good for detoxing the body, but also for making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Detox Teas

A lot of herbal teas can help your body’s natural purification and detoxification process. Options for teas that are detoxifying include burdock tea, dandelion root, milk thistle and ginger tea. Add some lemon for even more detox power.

Finally, to wrap up your natural detoxing efforts, consider dry brushing your body. One-third of the toxins in our bodies are believed to be removed through the skin, so dry brushing using a natural bristle brush can help get those trapped toxins out of your body and off your skin. Dry brushing is an excellent complement to your other detox methods, and you can do it every day before showering, for example.