The More Natural Way to a Healthier Life

It is not entirely fair to say that better health is not found in a pill because sometimes it is. If you are diabetic, don’t skip your Metformin or Glimepiride. The same goes for the Metoprolol you take for your blood pressure, and the Atorvastatin you take for your cholesterol.

Relative to what you would have had without them, there are health and long-life in those bottles. Do not allow some naturalistic dogma to cheat you out of 20 good years of life.

But the bottle is not the only path to maintaining good health. We usually have to revert to pills after we have lost our good health. But if you are still hanging on to a life without a secondary pharmacy in your home, a more natural way of thinking about health could be just the thing to keep you healthy. Here are a few examples of what I mean:

Admit When You Have a Problem

Men have a particularly unhealthy habit of pretending they are impervious to all of the things that plague weaker humans. But of course, this is nonsense. Men are vulnerable to every problem common to humanity.

One of the games men play with themselves is to pretend they can drink and use recreational drugs without consequences. They insist they are still okay to drive, or that it was only one night, or whatever the story is that is supposed to hand waive away the problem.

Even if they consider detox, they are just dealing with one part of the problem. A more holistic rehab takes on the underlying issues. It takes the whole person into account, not just an isolated issue.

Men are often the same way when it comes to other areas of health. They will endure a great deal of unexplained pain before finally being forced to see a doctor. They will feel sick for a long time before getting a proper diagnosis.

It is not natural to ignore pain, or other symptoms. Resorting to pills or a bottle to mask the problem is exactly the wrong thing to do. We will all live healthier lives if we learn to admit when we have a problem, then do something productive about it.

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Show Our True Feelings

Some people explode with emotion when things go wrong. That is because they keep their feelings bottled up inside and allow the pressure to build. Men are often guilty of this type of behavior. And there is no excuse for it.

Rather than facing our depression, or fear, or insecurity, or disturbance over something that happened to us in the past, or our displeasure at work, or any of a number of things, we turn to chemicals to self-medicate, forget, or otherwise manage our negative emotions.

Holistic living is meaningless if we are cut off from our emotions. We can’t just cut some of them off. It is all or nothing. Eliminate pain, and you also eliminate pleasure. Deny anger, and you also deny joy.

There are no such things as negative emotions. We need them all. They are a natural part of what it is to be human. As Captain Kirk would say, “We need our pain”. We also need to learn to express it before it ultimately destroys us.

Eat Like an Animal

We often denigrate the way animals eat because they do not have opposable thumbs for holding a knife and fork. But it is not table manners that matter when it comes to a healthy diet. It is what we eat that matters.

Animals eat an all natural diet whether it be fresh meat, plants, or nuts and berries. Animals don’t overdue sweets. And they don’t order pizza. They hunt and/or gather food. And they live off the land.

The Cincinnati Zoo invites you to eat like an animal. First of all, you are an animal. Second, zoo animals don’t need Metformin.

Living a great life requires neither lots of money nor special diets or equipment. It requires that you admit when you have a problem. Be honest about your feelings. And eat the way nature intended.

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