Social Media and Online Gaming

Online gaming has been there since 90s but these gaming companies recognized the worth of social media only off lately. We find that the big casinos offered online services since the emergence of internet but they didn’t come to use social media as extensively as we expected.

The value of Social Media

Recently, big online gaming companies have recognized the value of social media and now you can see that these companies are now promoting them on platforms like Facebook and Twitter for widen their reach and widen their customer base. So far, we can see that most of these big players are still not utilizing the power of Twitter.

Social media is the latest trend in online world and today internet users are not only using Google for searches for other social networks as well. Forums too are gaining the momentum as the players get the real reviews of gaming sites over there like how much welcome bonus the particular gamin site is offering etc.

Next Move by Casino Sites

The slow but consistent rise of gambling sites on social media is worth to watch out for because players can now play traditional games through social media platforms like Facebook.

Another important thing is that if the players are not satisfied with the gaming site or seen some flaws on site then they just spread the words through social media platforms and since these sites are not that much active on social media platforms they couldn’t portray the positivity of their gaming platform and couldn’t engage in going on conversation on social media.

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Changing Scenario

Well, the good news that the scenario is changing and we can spot some good gaming sites which are highly active on these platforms like you can have fun at betfair casino and this site has derived highly effective marketing tactics for social media. Other big players in gambling industry have shown positive attitude towards social media as well.

Marketing on Social Media

If you are a frequent user of Facebook and have a bit of interest in online gambling then I am sure that you have seen the ad campaigns of online poker and casino sites there. This is why because now they are well aware of power of social media ad campaigns for expanding their customer base. For attracting the players these companies are trying to lure them with their slots which are named after latest hit movies as well as other popular video games.

Some other gambling sites have become more aggressive on social media and offer the facility of playing their games on social media platforms. Some of them have launched their mobile apps as well where players can play in real time and make good cash through their bingo or slot games.

Now, when we know that online gambling sites have understood the importance of presence in social media we are expecting to come up with more innovative marketing strategies for social media marketing. We are expecting some more exciting offers from leading casino sites for Facebook or Twitter. Let’s welcome this new move from these casino sites.