What Skills Do You Need to Lead a Team

Whether it is at sports, in business or in life, if you want to be a leader of the team then you need to make sure that your leadership skills are extremely strong. Some people like Leslie Hocker are born to be leaders but these are very much in the minority and if you do not possess natural leadership abilities yet want to lead a team, you will have to work hard on improving your skills.

In order to work in your leadership skills, you must first recognize what they are and these are the particular attributes which leaders must have, if you want to head up a team then read these skills and work hard on improving them.


One cannot be a leader if they do not have confidence and you must display this in the team setting so that you can properly take control of the group. Much of the confidence which you need will come from your own abilities and if you do not have confidence in them, you are going to struggle to have confidence when performing your role as leader.


As leader you need to be able to speak and listen to everyone around you, you must ensure that all messages are given with clarity and that you can speak to people of all walks of life. When it comes to listening you must be able to highlight when is the time to listen and when is the time to speak as well as having an understanding of who to listen to, and when.


You must hold others to account based on your own standards and in order rot do that you must be the strongest performer in the group. This comes down to the level of commitment and dedication which you show each and every time that you are with the group and if you want them to be the well oiled machine that you need them to be, your performance levels have to off the chart.


If you want to be a great leader then you need to be able to make great decisions at the right times. Much of this will come from practice and experience but it is vital that you are able to see the big picture and consider all options before making the right decision. The skill here is to know how to properly inform yourself of everything that you need to make a smart decision.


One of the biggest roles which a leader has is their ability to motivate others and it is a skill which sets apart good leaders from great leaders. The key to knowing how to motivate people is that you can be flexible in your approach and that you can get the same results from a wide range of people who require different types of motivation.

Work on these skills and perfect them and you could one day become a great leader of a team.