Software Testing: Reservations and Importance

Riddled with technology, the fastest growing fields in the world in the 21st century generally revolve around technology. As a result, many people understand that if they are to find a great profession, it is to be in the sector of technology. Among the different sectors in technology lies one called Software Development and Testing.

Attention for Software Testing

Where Software Development has received plenty of attention over the years, software testing has largely been ignored. Of course, the debugging and testing phases of software that are involved within the Software Development Lifecycle are followed but on its own, software testing is largely ignored. To define software testing would be to say that the process that tends to evaluate how well (if it does after all) a software fulfills the function it was intended to fulfill.

Why Businesses Do Not Want to Invest In Software Testing?

Therefore, you could say learning software testing is actually to learn Quality assurance in the field of software. However, the reason that software testing is ignored is because businesses around the world looking for software solutions do not really create a demand for software testing. This is why:

  1. No Tangible Results

Much like a business charges for depreciation but does not actually see a visible deterioration in the asset’s value, software testing does not yield any tangible results. Software development, on the other hand, does. You clearly see a software solution as a result of the efforts of the development team and optimize your business processes with that solution.

However, you do not see a solution to software testing if the software was working right in the first place. Therefore, since organizations cannot justify their investment in software testing, they do not want to invest in them.

  1. Assumptions

Another major reason for software testing being ignored in the organization is the simple assumption that a software development team is all that is needed. Since a software development team completely understands the needs of the business and has the ability to create a workable solution, why should the business invest in testing the software? Of course, it might have some errors that the development team could get around to in the next couple of years and perhaps even solve.

Importance of Software Testing

But a software testing team surely is needed. A great proportion of people that take the decision about software needs in the company are at the top hierarchy. People who have already spent plenty of time in the industry and therefore probably understand the needs. However, they do not.

No disrespect, but these people have completed their education in software when the industry was very different. The pace that software development industry has exhibited has been phenomenal. As a result, the solutions of old times have become redundant at pace faster than anyone could imagine. Now, entire organizations depend on software solutions that are created for them and as a result, these solutions need to be completely optimized to bear efficiency. As a result, software need to be completely error free and efficient.