Soul Quest Church – Keys to a Cool Business Name

My record sore Soul Quest Church is my dream business and one which I have thought about since I was a kid. Of all the aspects of the store, it is the name which really makes me smile and it is the part which I am most proud of. We spent days and weeks trying to come up with a catchy name for the store, which wasn’t centered around a particular genre of music. The name had to be right and I lost sleeping over considering varying options as to where I could go with the name. We already had the church idea and that was because  the little building we were in really did look like a church, eventually it was my mum who just blurted out Soul Quest and it just fit perfectly. The name has gone down very well and the name is vitally important to your business success, and these are the keys which I believe you should be looking for. 


The first thing that I wanted from the name of my store was for it to be memorable, and this makes sense for so many reasons. You don’t want people confusing your business with another, you want them to remember every time that they hear the name who you are and what you do. When you think about it a great name is future marketing and if you get it right you could see more and more people coming into your business. 


A key part of my thought process when we were coming up with names was how I’d be able to turn it into a logo, how could the name be designed. This is why the name Soul Quest was instantly likable because I immediately had ideas for what I could do with the design on the store front and on our bags in the store. This has to be a key part of it because your logo and your store name is all linked to your branding, which is essential in today’s business world. 


Always avoid thinking of names which are topical or which will soon be outdated, you have to come up with a business name which has longevity and which is not going to become a part of history whilst it still exists.


I have to say Soul Quest Church was pushing the limits of he length that I was looking for in a name and it is a very fine margin which you have to consider. If the name is too short it becomes less memorable, if it is too long then people can’t be bothered to say it all and will shorten it without your input, which may or may not work. You have to ensure that you hit the sweet spot in terms of the length of the name for your business. 

Don’t take this decision lightly, it is vital that you take your time and make the perfect choice.