Mark Zamuner – Easy Workouts to do at Home

Since this lockdown started I have been helping my family out with daily workouts on Instagram and I wanted to share some of those with you guys. No matter if you are reading this during lockdown or afterwards, these are simple exercises which can be performed with zero equipment, all you need is a little bit of space. 

Now before starting I have to give enormous credit to the brilliant Mark Zamuner, a man who has helped me so much with my fitness and my weight management, and without him there is no way that I would no be in a position to be able to help the family with our daily workouts. Nit having a gym membership is not a reason not to get or stay healthy and with these easy workouts you are going to be looking great in no time at all. 


Cardio can seem difficult if you are in a confided space but the reality is that cardio is just something which gets your heart pumping, and there is lots we can do here in order to gain that. Start off with 30 seconds of jumping jacks or star jumps, whichever you know them as, then squat down and punch straight ahead with left and right hands for 30 seconds, then run on the spot for 30 seconds and go back to the start again, do this 3 times for each activity and that should be enough to get your heart racing and ready for the workout. 


There are a number of options which you can choose from for your workout, depending on how you are feeling. First let’s look at the press-up position, from here you can do planks which is holding your body a foot from the ground, nice and straight with bum tucked in. You can also do press-ups here or mountain climbers which is where you keep your arms on the floor and alternatively bring your knees up to your chest. 

Standing workouts will include squats, lunges ( be sure to alternate those legs) and you can also look at doing some burpees which involve hitting the floor for a press-up then jumping up for a jumping jack and starting again. 

Now it is time to lay on your back and here you can choose from sit-ups, bicycle crunches which is a crunch where you bring left knee and right elbow to the abs, then alternate. You can also cross your legs here and do a crunch then cross the other leg and crunch again. 


Regardless of which exercise you are doing, I would recommend that you alternate them using what is called the Tabata timer. This is where you do 20 seconds of exercise and then take a 10 sedan break. Pick 4 exercises to do for 2 x 20 seconds and you will soon start to see results of what you are doing. 

Work hard and keep fit, you can do it!