Spiel Studios

The best brands are probably built on the greatest stories. With technology and social media interlaced with almost every part of our lives, everyone has a story to tell. In this scenario, it has become increasingly important for businesses to promote a story that would lead to a successful brand building.

It is also not unknown that people respond to visual media like images or videos, more than plain text. Video engages us on a visceral level. It helps us connect to an idea or a product through visual storytelling, and make people understand and internalize your message. This leads to a personal connection that makes video a great communicating tool for your business.

As an entrepreneur, you’d probably understand that video work like the one found at Spiel is more than just content and narrative. It isn’t only about telling people what you can offer. It goes beyond what is written on a brochure or narrated in your video ad and makes an impression about the values on which you have built your brand. This impression is vital. It is the one chance you have to turn random people watching your ad into potential long term customers. Brands like Apple and Starbucks haven’t been famous for the utility and specifications for their products because you can bet there’s a smartphone or a cup of coffee available at a better bargain. They have reached the heights because you are a part of their story. As a brand, they have established a relationship with their customers, even before they have bought their first product!

Building your brand around a story isn’t the easiest thing around. There are several points that need serious consideration when you’re planning it:

It must be relatable, because the primary outcome you’re looking at, is building a relationship between you and the consumers. If the trials and the goals that you’re looking at, coincide with theirs, you’ll have a better engagement. This is the foundation of the brand story.

Originality plays a vital role too. Millions of stories are being told every day and you’ll want yours to stand out, and not become a repetitive one.

It should reflect honesty, to its core. Don’t promise something that you cannot deliver. Your customers are likely to turn away if they sense falsehood. Worse, they can try to get you exposed eventually.

Say it serially. You don’t need to narrate the entire story in a single video. If you keep on saying the same things again and again, people will ultimately be bored. That is unlikely to happen if you can say it serially – updating and adding to the narrative.

There are many animation companies that specialize in creating digital content that has high impact. They cover a large variety of animation styles that you can choose from – whiteboard, motion graphics, 2D or 3D animations, and many other. These options would help you select the form that best suits your business.