Stop Paying Too Much for Hydro

Are you tired of seeing your hard-earned cash literally go out the window every month when you’re forced to pay an astronomical hydro bill? If so, maybe it’s probably time to renovate the windows in your London, Ontario home. New, energy efficient vinyl windows can save you money, make your home more comfortable and improve your home’s value.

Whether it’s during the winter, when your home is battered by the bitter winds from the Arctic, or the hot and humid summer days of Southern Ontario, London replacement windows will keep your family comfortable and your utility bills low.

Top-quality vinyl windows will lower your heating and cooling by as much as 15 percent when they include energy efficient technology like Low-E glass. According to Energy Star, since 1992 greenhouse gasses have been reduced by 2.5 billion tons, and vinyl windows have played a major role in reducing household consumption. When they want to replace their windows, London homeowners can turn to local manufacturers like Golden Windows that work with Energy Star to produce tested, energy-saving windows and doors in London. They are the only ISO-certified company making custom windows in London, Ontario. They regularly work with contractors, architects, builders, and homeowners to provide custom window solutions.

Having high quality windows is a great way to stop Paying Too Much for Hydro

Besides reducing your monthly hydro bills and helping you control your household expenses, replacement windows in London from Golden Windows can raise the value of your home. As the real estate market begins to slow down, upgrades like replacement windows can keep your home value up. The National Association of Realtors recommends replacing the old windows with new, energy efficient windows before putting your home on the market, resulting in a return on investment that can be 80 percent or higher. As a seller, you’ll need something that will set your house apart from the others, and new vinyl windows in London Ontario, will do that for you.
Whether you are a builder, developer, architect, repair person or a home owner, vinyl windows will save you money in the long-term. You can stop by the Golden Windows London Ontario showroom to learn more, but you have your choice of window type, too:

  • Awning windows that open from the bottom to let in fresh air, safe to use even when it’s raining.
  • Casement windows, widely used across North America, which open completely for direct air flow.
  • Double or single slider windows, which feature a single channel for the sash to help reduce dirt build-up.
  • Architectural windows that come in unlimited shapes and sizes and are widely used in contemporary and modern homes.
  • Bay or bow windows, perfect for Victorians that need replacement windows in London, Ontario.

If vinyl’s not your choice, pick from well-crafted, wood or aluminum windows. Aluminum is strong and durable, while wood can help preserve a traditional appearance. All types come with your choice of color, shape, hardware finish, and grille pattern. Get them custom made with options like a multiple lock system, double weather stripping, Low-E glazing with argon gas, and more. It’s time you started enjoying all the benefits of maintenance-free vinyl windows in London Ontario.