Is Your Dream Home Missing Bay Windows?

There’s a certain nostalgic and timeless feeling that classic architectural features add to a home, particularly when so few houses nowadays are built with bay or bow windows already in place. A long time ago, bay windows were used to maximize the amount of natural light entering a dark house, giving narrow hallways a breathable quality – they would make the room feel larger. They would even be used to give a small, boxy home an extra resting area for reading and socializing. Nowadays homeowners use these nooks in all kinds of interesting and functional ways, from desk space and storage space to a place for visual art installations such as sculptures or statues.

One thing cannot be disputed, bay and bow windows still make homes feel bigger and brighter. It’s imperative however, if you’re set on adding one or more into your redesign, that you choose high-quality and energy efficient options. This is especially the case during the summer months, as they will help to insulate and maintain the temperature of your home without requiring you to crank up the air conditioning. Low-grade models will not be able to hold the heat at bay resulting in high energy bills and wastefulness.

What’s more is a bay or bow addition can become a significant reno project on its own, good quality windows will perform optimally for 20 years, alleviating the stress of frequent replacement. At Casa Bella Windows in Toronto, a well-rounded and stringent quality control program is in place to maintain the excellence of their products and services. To take the worry out of installing a specialty product, consider hiring Casa Bella’s installations professionals, as they have extensive experience installing all kinds of styles while taking into account the unique needs of every home. They also never contract services out, so you can rest assured your installation will be performed with care.

Bay and bow windows offer a dramatic accent and contour to any room while also being energy efficient and Health Smart certified. You can also choose to get creative, as they can be made with various combinations of fixed and operating, single hung or casement windows. Furthermore, their 10° bow windows as well as their 30° and 45° bay windows are available in Classic Plus, Architectural Plus or Uniqwood Plus Window Series; in white, driftwood, sandalwood and ivory colours giving customers numerous options.

Standard window features include a sturdy extruded vinyl construction, fusion welded frame and sash for superior strength, a multi hollow chamber design to increase the quality of insulation, Warm Edge Super Spacer to protect against condensation, and advanced weather stripping. All of their windows are low maintenance, their vinyl frames do not require painting as some wooden frames might.

If you’ve dreamed of giving your home the bright and spacious feel that bay or bow windows will award, you can now do that without having to manage spikes in your utility costs. By choosing windows that are green and energy efficient, that are built and installed by a company you can trust, you get the special, niche look you want without unforeseen issues arising.