Submit Your Changemaking Idea to “Sharing is Caring, Taiwan Excellence” Contest Today!

By Taiwan Excellence

Do you have an idea that can change your local community for the better? Submit your idea now to the “Sharing is Caring, Taiwan Excellence” global charity contest for a chance to win US$10,000 and a US$150,000 grant to turn your idea into reality:


Individuals, non-profits, and social organizations from around the world are encouraged to participate. Until October 31, “Sharing is Caring, Taiwan Excellence” is accepting proposals. Rules and requirements include:

  • Relate to social concerns and environmental protection themes.
  • The first 50 entries from the Americas will each receive a $100 Amazon gift card.
  • Submit only one proposal, which may comprise no more than five members.
  • If under 20 years of age or is a minor under the law of their country, a letter of consent should be submitted by their parent or legal guardian and attached to the proposal.
  • Ideas and solutions must be focused on their home countries in the goal to aid their local environments and communities and utilize Taiwan Excellence products and services.
  • Each proposal shall be made in English and indicate the motive and goal of the proposal, the implementation methods, the names and quantities of the products that won the Taiwan Excellence Awards or other products of previous award winners to be procured under the

proposal, the long-term impacts, the timeframe, and the budget plan (not exceeding US$150,000).

For more information on Taiwan Excellence products and services, please visit the Taiwan Excellence website at This program is sponsored by 29 Taiwan Excellence enterprises ranging from Taiwan’s well-known listed companies to small and medium-sized businesses involved in, among others, medical care, intelligent machinery, metals, transport, information and communication technology, and sports and household equipment.

See how Taiwan Excellence companies are contributing to a better world here:

If your idea is chosen, “Sharing is Caring, Taiwan Excellence” organizers will commission third parties to assist you in executing your idea. Proposals will be evaluated for excellence in four categories, competing for a total of 100 points: (1) impact on society, benefits to the public, and environmental sustainability (30%); (2) innovation (25%); (3) feasibility and reasonableness of budget allocation (25%); and (4) expression of Taiwan Excellence (20%).

Important deadlines:

  • Proposals must be submitted by 23:59, October 31, 2021, GMT+8.
  • Qualification Review: November 1 to November 12, 2021.
  • Preliminary Selection: November 15 to December 15, 2021.
  • Finalists Announced: December 16, 2021. Up to twelve proposals will be shortlisted (or no proposal will be selected, depending on the selection results). The finalists shall provide video files (presenting their proposals in English) as required by the organizers before January 7, 2022.
  • Final Competition: January 17 to January 21, 2022. Each of the finalists shall undergo an online video review to take questions from the selection committee at the time designated by the organizers. (Details of the online review will be emailed to each of the finalists.)
  • Announcement of the Winners: late January 2022. Up to three (or no) best proposals will be selected.

“Sharing is Caring, Taiwan Excellence” is the first global cross-year, large-scale, corporate social responsibility (CSR) charity event organized by Taiwan Excellence, an awards program celebrating and promoting top Taiwanese companies and products around the world, created by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). The themes for this event are Social Concerns, Environmental Protection and Corporate Governance.

It takes only one idea or person to spark a movement and make a difference in their community locally or globally.

“For every individual, non-profit, social organization, and NGO in every corner of the world; for every dream and aspiration you ever had to better your community, ‘Sharing is Caring, Taiwan Excellence’ was created for you,” said Mark Wu, executive director, strategic marketing department, TAITRA. “Even in the midst of crisis, like the current pandemic, humanity finds ways to make our world a better place, and Taiwan Excellence is committed to helping you effect positive change.”