The Best Fitness Routine for Those Recovering from Injury

If you know someone who loves to exercise or play sport, and does so regularly, you’ll likely have an idea of the heartache that is caused when you’re unable to exercise for an extended period of time. Injury is most likely the cause & can stop people getting the exercise & stimulation they are used to.

However there are some exercises that are not only recommended if you have injuries, they can also help you heal your injuries. Here are some great exercises that can help you heal faster and regain your strength, all endorsed by the medical community.


Pilates is a system of exercises and movements that focuses on improving movement, strength, balance and coordination. It also has a positive effect on the practitioners’ mental and emotional well-being. Pilates has grown in popularity because of its ability to be practiced by students of any age and because it improves the health of the entire body.

Reformer Pilates

There’s an additional Pilates system that utilizes a custom made machine called a Pilates Reformer that allows students to perform advanced Pilates exercises and gain faster results and enjoy more benefits. Pilates Reformer is an ideal tool to improve core stability, balance and strength.  These breakthrough exercise machines are built to mimic the way your body moves and the way your brain learns new movements, tasks, and exercises.

Clinical Pilates

Pilates Reformer machines are also used in Clinical Pilates. Clinical Pilates is taught either to an individual or to a small group and the instructor is a qualified physiotherapist who is also a trained Pilates instructor.  The physiotherapist will go through your medical history and get an intimate understanding of any existing medical conditions you have by carrying out a full examination.

This will be done before class begins in order to determine a series of Pilates exercises that will be the most effective for the individual.  The instructor will also set goals and lay out an ideal plan of progression for each student. Each will have unique circumstances and the instructor will pay close attention to every student.

Clinical Pilates is the ideal fitness routine for anyone with an injury because it is designed to specifically assist in the healing & recovery of your injuries. Because of this, Clinical Pilates it is the perfect exercise routine for those recovering from injury.