The PRINCE2 Project Warning Signs That You Can’t Ignore

PRINCE2 Project

Every project that you run is going to have good and bad moments in it. There is no way to always have completely smooth, hassle-free pieces of work that are a pleasure to deal with every day.

What if you see some of the most common project warning signs, though? These are the issues that will make you worry about the whole piece of work. What are the main warning signs that you just can’t afford to ignore?

Your Team Isn’t Skilled or Experienced Enough

Do your team members look utterly lost when you explain what needs done? If they are new to the project world then this is a common reaction that shows how big a shift it can be for some people to move into this sort of job.

This is why arranging training early on is a huge factor in new PRINCE2 teams. You are going to need them to learn a wide range of skills in order for each of them play their part in the work that you have lined up.

For example, is there anyone else in there who is ready to carry out their PRINCE2 Course Bristol ? If so, this can help to spread the workload and ensure a better quality of project. The more experienced and skilled team members you have the easier the project will be.

The Objectives Aren’t Clear

It is perfectly normal for the exact objective of a new project to be somewhat vague. After all, it is only after thorough investigation and planning that this piece of work is going to becomes a lot clearer and more well-defined.

However, at the very start there should be some degree of clarity around the overall goals. PRINCE2 isn’t like the Agile methodology in which everyone works together to define the work as it progresses.

You need some sort of objectives at the start. Otherwise, there is the risk that you head off in completely the wrong direction from day one. Working out what is actually needed from you is a task you should take on as soon as possible.

Your Timescales Are Highly Ambitious

It is no surprise to see that many projects have highly ambitious timescales. These timescales might be driven by business requirements, by legal matters or by some other force outside of your control.

Is the overall project realistic? If the timescales aren’t viable then something needs to be done about it. Can they be changed? Can more resources be added to the project to give it a higher chance of success?

This can be one of the trickiest parts of any project but it is also one of the most important. Since planning effectively is so integral to PRINCE2 you will want to be clear very early about how feasible the timescales really are.

The Stakeholders and End Users Aren’t Interested

In an ideal world, everyone will work together in harmony to give this project the best chance of success. Things don’t always work out like this, though. Lack of interest in the work could turn out to be one of your biggest challenges.

What if the stakeholders and end users don’t show the enthusiasm and commitment that you expect from them? This can turn out to be a big problem eventually if you can’t get them to provide more interest in the work.

Perhaps you can help by making it more interesting for them, as well as showing them the benefits that they can expect to see. Workshops and meetings give you great possibilities to go through your plans and encourage everyone else to get heavily involved in the project.