Interesting Tips for Working on Uninspiring PRINCE2 Projects


Not every project that you work on will be interesting. Sure, a lot of times you will find that you can really sink your teeth into a piece of work that makes a noticeable difference to the business in one way or another.

Yet, in other situations you might need to dredge up enthusiasm from wherever you can find it. What can you do when you are handed an uninspiring project that simply doesn’t cause you any excitement at the start?

Make It More Exciting

Ok, so the piece of work handed to you doesn’t exactly set your pulse racing. Let’s face it, this clearly isn’t a case of love at first sight. But that doesn’t mean that you should give up on it so easily.

Maybe you could find a way to make this job more exciting by injecting some extra life into it. How will you do this, though? It may not be easy but it is definitely putting some thought into how you could do this.

Maybe you will find a way of broadening the scope or of adding a lighter touch to it. Perhaps the end users can get more involved or you can introduce some sort of fun new technology that you have been keen to try for some time.

Get Your Team to Enjoy It

If your team enjoys working on this PRINCE2 project then there is a good chance that you do too. Their enthusiasm is probably going to rub off on you once things get going and it begins to become an enjoyable piece of work for everyone involved.

You could consider a number of ways of doing this. Will you offer the incentive of promotion for a job well done or give them the chance to travel while working on this project?

You might also provide the opportunity for your team members to learn exciting new skills. Could the chance to take their PRINCE2 Bristol be enough to get everyone enthusiastic about what they about to get started with?

Learn to Enjoy What You Can

There are some projects where you simply have to learn to make the most of what you have. There might be no way of making the work more interesting, so just need to grin and bear it, really.

This could mean that you try your best to see the lighter side of seemingly endless project meetings or analytical tasks. Not every project is great fun, but there is almost always something there that you can take some pleasure from.

It may be learning a new skill that gets you through the day. Or it could be the chance to meet new people and build up your network of useful contacts that does the trick for you.

Reward Yourself Along the Way

There is no harm in giving yourself some rewards as you progress, is there? These are the little treats that help to keep you motivated even when the project is fairly tough going from time to time.

It could be that you just give yourself silly little rewards that you never tell anyone else about. What about treating yourself to an extra coffee for getting through a tough meeting? Maybe you could take 10 minutes extra for lunch if you manage to get the plan completed?

The truth is that many PRINCE2 projects are exciting enough to be fun without anything being added to them. Yet, it is well worth bearing in mind the tactics that you might need to use if you get stuck with a particularly uninspiring piece of work.