The Ultimate Guide to Spell Candles – Everything You Need to Know

Candles are a central part of our everyday lives. We use them when we wish on our birthdays, and they’re also used to cleanse spaces and bring positivity. Candles are used as tools in spell casting called candle magic. They are often used for healing, love, luck, and more. They are one of the most straightforward magic tools and can be very powerful.


Candles come in all shapes and sizes, but it is essential to match the intent of the candle with the intention of the spell. Many people add herbs, crystals, and oils to their candles to boost their energy and empower their intentions. It is often recommended that a new candle be used for each spell. This is because it is believed that the candle picks up vibrations from items around it while it burns, and these vibrations can taint the purpose of the spell. A great place to start with candle magic is by using a pillar-style candle, commonly found in the kosher section of a grocery store. Writing your intentions on paper before you light the candle and energetically clear the space before and during the workings is also helpful.


Like making a wish when you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, spell candles Salem, MA, a form of candle magic that can bring a specific result to mind, choose a candle in the color that signifies your desired outcome, and then “dress” it (rub it with oil or etch it with symbols) while visualizing your intention. Colors have vibrational, chakra, and elemental associations and deep symbolic meaning in many cultures, and it’s more important to work with a color that feels right to you. Avoid using previously burnt candles for the same intention because they’ll pick up other energies. There are plenty of pre-made spell candles out there that you can use to help manifest your intentions, including ones designed for love, money, and protection. But you can even create your own by choosing a candle in the color that aligns with your goal and dressing it in oil or herbs while focusing on that intention.


Symbols are used to reinforce or amplify a candle’s intention. Traditionally, they are drawn on the candle with charcoal or inscribed within the wax with a sigil or rune. Alternatively, you can use any symbolic item that is meaningful to you, including charms and herbs. While there are many different correspondences with color, it’s more important that the colors chosen resonate with you and your energy rather than what a chart might suggest is the right choice for a specific outcome. Likewise, if a color doesn’t feel suitable for your ritual work, don’t force it, as it may cause an adverse energetic reaction. Generally, candles are burned for an hour or two and then snuffed or put out with a snuffer (as opposed to blowing them out as you might with birthday candles). Some practitioners believe that the vibrations of your breath taint the candle’s energy, so they recommend not blowing them out and instead using a snuffer or pinching them.


A ritual is an act with specific symbolic meanings, typically associated with a culture’s traditions or beliefs. It may involve gestures, words, or actions and often involves specific objects with cultural significance. Rituals are commonly connected to religious activities but can also be part of other cultures, ceremonies, or protocols. Examples of rituals include a family’s nightly bedtime routine where they share stories and kiss each other goodnight. This ritual helps build a sense of security and belonging within the family. Rituals can also include meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, burning sage or other cleansing herbs to open sacred space, ringing a bell or chime, singing a song, and even dancing! These can all help open up your energy to receive the healing energies of a spell. Having the right tools to perform a ritual can help, but you do not need any specific items to get started.