How To Know When It’s Time to Waterproof Your Basement

There are a lot of options that your home could have for a foundation. But any of them have the potential to leak. Here are some tips to help you know when to waterproof your basement.

Check Your Entire Basement

If you forget to check your entire basement for leaks, you could have seepage or leaks you don’t notice for a while. Therefore, you need to do a thorough check to avoid hidden surprises. Your existing waterproofing should hold for a long time. However, if your barrier is older or you are the type who likes to double-check everything, make sure you go through every nook and cranny in your basement.

Check It After Every Rain

You should check your basement after every rain, especially if it hasn’t rained recently or leaked a little last time. Finding the basement dry will leave you stress-free. Finding a damp corner will let you know you need to take action.

Check Your Existing Barrier

If your house has an outdoor barrier, check it regularly. Do this in addition to checking the inside of your basement. That will ensure you have double-checked your home and are ready for a rainstorm. It can also help you identify whether you need a new solution before you find a leak inside.

Outdoor Barrier Options

Regularly wet yards may require you to seek outdoor options. These go outside your house and are often the best option for existing structures. However, they will take the most work and can be expensive.

These are some of the most important things you need to know about when to waterproof your basement. That allows you to enjoy every inch of your home, regardless of weather conditions. Decide what you will do before your next rain. Then, decide on a company to do the job. That will let you be ready if you find moisture in your basement.