Things to See and Do in Islamabad

When people mention Pakistan, tourism is probably not the first thing that comes to their minds. However, experienced travelers say that Pakistan especially cities like Islamabad are definitely worth visiting. Even though this is not the most populous city in Pakistan, Islamabad is still the capital of this country.


Today, thousands of visitors from around the globe are traveling to Islamabad on a daily basis. It is not difficult to find cheap flights from Sharjah to Islamabad, London to Islamabad or New York to Islamabad because the city has a well-developed airport and great infrastructure. It is interesting that Islamabad was built on purpose as a new capital city (Karachi is the former capital city of this country).

The authorities have selected the location carefully and today Islamabad is one of the most urbanized cities in Asia situated in a valley surrounded by the beautiful Margalla Hills where visitors can witness some breathtaking views of the growing city.

Both people interested in the history of Pakistan and those who are just looking for an adventurous holiday filled with thrills and excitement won’t be disappointed if they choose Islamabad as their next travel destination. But, what exactly makes this city so interesting and attractive and what are some of the things that you can see and do there?

To start with, visitors can check the Islamabad Museum. As previously mentioned people have lived in this region for thousands of years and the archeologists and historians have carefully collected the valuable item from the past and displayed them in the central Islamabad Museum. The museum was founded exactly 40 years ago. The Islamabad Museum has a wide range of permanent and temporary galleries and exhibits that showcase not just the history of this region, but also the ecology, paleontology, archeology and geology of the country. According to some statistics, there are more than 20.000 items found in this museum.

Next, you can visit the National Art Gallery which is another amazing building situated in the central part of Islamabad. Even though it exists for less than a decade, thanks to the beautiful pieces of artwork and modern and attractive facilities, the National Art Gallery in Islamabad has caught the attention of the international public. The gallery has an open air theater and an auditorium with seats sufficient enough to accommodate 400 people.

Pakistan is officially known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, so it is no wonder why there are so many mosques in every city in Pakistan including Islamabad. Some of these mosques are praised for their beauty like Shah Faisal Mosque which is located right in the Margalla Hills. This mosque has the capacity to hold more than 100.000 visitors which makes it one of the largest mosques in the world. It is interesting that the Shah Faisal Mosque is featuring elements of both contemporary and traditional architecture.

Travelers can also visit the Islamabad Zoo which has dozens of different animal species and many of them are native to Pakistan. The zoo has been renovated recently and looks very interesting.

Those interested in more adventurous activities will be glad to hear that Islamabad provides great opportunities for people who live trekking, hiking and paragliding and most of these activities are conducted at Margalla Hills or close to Rawal Lake.