Three Affordable First Date Ideas For Those Strapped For Cash

Everyone wants to make that first date perfect and memorable, and it is true that there is so much riding on that first encounter and those first moments of conversion. However, many people do not have the funds to create the dream date of walking along the beach, a dinner at a candle lit restaurant, or some other fantasy setting. This does not mean you cannot have a wonderful first date, it just means you have to think outside the box a little and get creative to make a great first date with what you have to work with. Here are three ideas to get you started:

Take advantage of free activities.

Some cities offer special free admissions to museums, parks, or other attractions at certain times of the year for residents. Or they may be offered at a greatly reduced price. Tickets might normally cost $15 per but for a special event might be only $5 each. If you live near the beach consider a trip to the shore with your date and just walk and play in the waves and collect shells and talk to each other. There are plenty of entertainment venues that are very affordable and many of them can make perfect date destinations for you and your special someone!

Take advantage of common interests.

Chances are,unless this is a blind first date, you have some idea of what the other person is like- otherwise why would you be wanting to date them right? So use what you know about them to find the perfect first date setting. If there are parks, nature trails, or other such places nearby and you are both fond of the outdoors then see if there is a place for a picnic lunch or a nice leisure walk through the trails. By showing them that you care enough about them to plan a date around them is a great ways to start off any relationship.

Take advantage of your own skills.

You may not have the money to take your date on a nice fancy dinner to celebrate your one month anniversary of your first date. So, why not invite them over to your place and cook them a nice dinner? A night of homemade goodies, games, and a movie or video game might be a perfect night for the two of you. It might be a bit much for some people for a first date, but it is becoming more and more popular to have a casual romantic night at home as the perfect way to get to know one another and engage without outside distractions. So give it some thought and see if a night at home is the best way to see if love is in the future for you!


The following was a post by Sarah Jo Lorenz-Coryell