Tips to Check All Possible Details Before Buying an Apartment

Are you going to buy a new apartment? Keep it in mind that it is a long-term investment; therefore, before purchasing or renting luxury apartments LA, you have to investigate some things that are often ignored. Here are a few elements to consider:


Outside Water Infiltration

The moisture entering from windows, terrace, and roof is a common problem. If you are choosing an apartment at ground level, the moisture may enter from ground water because of poor drainage. Terraces require special checking for proper pitching.

Plumbing Leaks

You have to inspect with the help of thermal imaging camera and moisture meter to detect any minor leaks. All dishwashers, washing machines, toilets, showers, tubs and sinks should be operated to check for leakage.

While checking apartments Northridge, make sure to check waste and supply piping and spout valve systems. Seals of dishwasher door are prone to leaks, and these require proper checking too.

Check Dual Hung Windows

You have to consider the dual hung windows to ensure that they are in their place and stay up without extra support. Some new replacements may have “spiral system” for balance. You should check the durability and smooth operation of dual hung windows.

Electric Wiring

Before purchasing an apartment, make sure to check the electrical capacity of the building. Make sure to inspect GFI (ground fault interrupter) outlets and breakers. If the GFI breaker can’t reset, it means your protection is compromised. Make sure to get the services of an electrician to examine the electric wiring.


Some old apartments contain centrally-controlled heat system without any thermostat to adjust the temperature in each apartment. To decrease heat, the residents have to disable the whole system. Make sure to check heating system of your selected building. Some apartments like Eighth & Grand Apartments may provide the good heating system.

Flooring Inspection

Flooring requires your close attention, and if it is hardwood, you have to check for buckling and additional gaps because these can make your flooring week. If the wooden flooring has patches, it will indicate leaks near the radiator.

Installation of Different Appliances

In some apartments, the appliances and high-end appliances and counter tops. The dishwasher may have a problem in its fitting. You should consider the fitting and proper installation of all appliances before using them.

Find a Qualified Inspector

If you want professional checking, you should consider hiring a qualified inspector. An experienced person can investigate in a better way and help you to take a right decision. For roof checking, inspection of appliances and flooring, you will need a professional person. To find a qualified person, make sure to ask your friends or attorney to get a reliable inspector. If you can get some referrals, you can call them for an interview and evaluate their skills and check their certifications for this work.

You can make a checklist before starting inspection to check each and every corner of the apartment. It will decrease the chances of errors.