Tips on Hiring the Best Private Investigations Company in Toronto

There are questions that you want to find an answer for. Not always getting an answer is easy. Few things are kept behind the curtain and it needs investigation. Also, you may need evidence which none will gift wrap and present you. This is where you again need investigation and evidence to proof what you wanted. Private investigators thus help in revealing the truth with supported evidence to rely on. At Discreet Investigation and Security we bring the best for you.

Types of investigation

You need to be clear on what you want. The more specific you are, the easiest it will be for the person to satisfy your requirements. There are many kinds of services offered by such investigators. The following are names of some of those services:

Cheating spouses: This can be a concern to many but the solution is finally here. We shall keep a look and give you proper evidence to prove his or her loyalty.

Private investigations: We have retired police officers, retired military personals, lawyers to conduct effective investigation. We shall also advice you on personal situation if you want.

Background checks: you make a background check to know who you are connecting with. It can be done on anyone like a person who you have just met, potential business partner, employee, potential family member etc.

Missing persons: We have a worldwide network. We thus assure you that we are capable to track and locate individuals who you choose to find.

Law firm support: We have a legal department to give you best advice and help in strategizing how to deal with situations.

The head of the team

Mr. James M. Glanville is our CEO. For the last 27 years he has been working to save families and individuals across the globe. He is a certified Protection Specialist as well as a Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Expert. He has worked with world leaders, royal families, professional athletes, Hollywood personalities etc.

He is trained with the United States Secret Service and is a graduate from Global Risk Institute under the Director, Canada’s counter terrorism and executive protection expert, Mr. Alan Bell.

He has worked hard to become the Knife and Gun Disarming Instructor; Closed Protection Specialist by U.S Secret Service; Close Quarters Combat Training Instructor; licensed Private Investigator and Surveillance Specialist. He has also had 25 years of Firearm experience and tactic training.

Contact us

We have a team of skilled people from various fields. We have discreet investigators to help you conduct your investigation. Our mission is to provide you with answers you seek through investigation and evidence. Our reputation is built on the foundation of trust and integrity. We assure you that all your information and your entire case will be kept confidential.

For more details visit our website. If you want to avail our services contact us on our details given on the website. We hope we shall be of help.