Dyslexia and how to help School Students study with it

Dyslexia can significantly impact the learning process for grade-school kids, and if not countered efficiently, can cause problems later on in life when the difficulty of the learning material and subjects only increases. It is the period of their lives when they have to build up learning skills.

Testing formats and how to adapt to them

It is important to know what the type of tests the students will have to face and plan accordingly to them. Tests can have multiple formats, from having to write short answers to multiple choices, and the way you learn for each is different. This will also provide help in facing test anxiety.

Increase study time 

Dyslexia also affects the overall learning time that the child has to use in order to complete a lesson. They take longer to decode the information they read and process it. This might require of them to do a lot of re-reading and repetition to help digest the lesson.

A simple solution to this is to just add more study time to counter-act the learning difficulties that come with Dyslexia, especially around the time of tests and exams.

Make a schedule that works with the child

This is a very subjective thing that you are going to have to plan, and it will not work for two different children. But the concept behind this is to adapt a schedule based on the individual child’s own learning capabilities, both in terms of speed and quantity. Slow down the process and have the child review the material bit by bit, instead of the entire thing once completed. This will help in dealing potential issues such as anxiety and frustration. Also include breaks into this schedule to make it comfortable to learn.

Do not have the schedule set in stone but adapt it to the ever changing state that the child is in. If progress is being made more rapidly than normal, then add a little bit more. If problems are encountered, then do not push forward. Take extra time to repeat the areas of the subject where more problems have been encountered.

Ask help from the teacher

Teachers will have all the necessary notes and learning material that will be required for upcoming tests, or just the subjects in general. So asking them for help in this regard might help. Having all the necessary notes beforehand can improve the organization situation that you will find yourself in with a Dyslexic child. Alternatively, searching online for Dyslexia Courses for Parents & Teachers by CPD Bytes and review them together with teachers can also help improve the overall capabilities of the child.