Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look and Feel Like a Luxury Hotel

One of the things to look forward to when travelling is the hotel accommodation. It feels great to be pampered and feel like a celebrity while staying and sleeping in a posh bedroom with crisp and freshly laundered sheets, soft beds and pillows, and the overall fresh and fragrant smell in the room. Well, why not make this experience a permanent one by making your own bedroom feel and look like a luxury hotel? In this article, we will share some tips that you could consider.

  1. Choose the best bed and pillows that you deserve

The main piece of every bedroom is of course, the bed. To achieve the luxurious feel of a hotel room, it is advisable to go for the largest size that you can fit in your room. Splurge on the best quality bed that you can find in the market. It is a good investment that you will definitely not regret. Also, you deserve it! In case you are bit tight on the budget, it is best to go for better quality and smaller size.

For pillows, go for the high-end hotel collection pillows that will make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. Down feather pillows are the most commonly used inhotels.

  1. Sheets and linens

Instant way to give you a good night sleep is the touch and smell of freshly laundered and pressed sheets. It is best to go for top quality crisp cotton percale. Then be sure to use linen spray with lavender or rose essential oil scent. It will definitely make you feel like you’re in a hotel room.

  1. Choose a relaxing colour palette

Choosing the right pain colour is very important. It dictates the mood in the room thus it is best to go for relaxing and peaceful colours. Using neutral colours like gray, white and beige does not only give peaceful vibe in the room but it makes it easier to blend with other elements in the room like curtains and sheets.

  1. Place some high quality candles

Do you want to achieve the nice scent in hotels? The secret is using some high quality scented candles. Citrus and floral scents are perfect for spring and firewood and cedar scents for winter. It is also good to check out cosmetics counter for designers and perfume houses that offer home fragrances.

  1. Keep the room clean and clutter-free

To complete the quest to transform your room like a luxurious hotel room is to keep it clean all the time and make sure it is clutter-free. Do not store items that you no longer use and make sure to keep everything in proper places like hang your clothes in the cabinets, throw your used socks in the wash bin and do not just drop everything on the floor or in the bed. Lastly, change linens and curtains at least once every two weeks.

Having a good night sleep is very essential to recharge your energy especially after a long and tiring day at work.Making your bedroom look and feel like an expensive 5-star hotel room is a good investment that you truly deserve.