Top 5 Best Online Ticket Sites Known To Mankind

What are this world’s best online sites for purchase of concert, show or movie tickets? Let’s dig into this review and find the answer out together!

Ultimately Proven Sites For You To Purchase Tickets Online

We live in a new era, a digital era. A ticket booth, very much like a phone without a processor is outdated nowadays. An age-old telephone will still allow you to make a call or two, but why bother if even the cheapest Android-based handset offers so much more from a digital camera to games to internet connectivity.

You can buy tickets to a concert, show, movie premier or a sports event online without leaving the comfort of your home. You can even do so via your Smartphone on the go. But where? Where should you go to buy tickets online?

5 Ultimate online ticket providers

Let’s make the long story short and kick straight into our list, shall we?

  1. Ticket Crab. This prominent site allows for purchase of music, sports and theater tickets. Events of all shapes and sizes from Adele tours to Soccer matches to The Book of Mormon are easily accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. Additional functionality allows you to create personalized lists of interesting events. That’s how you will get notified about new shows and availability of tickets in advance. Sweet, right? The best part is that you won’t get to deal with useless clutter. Push notifications will always stay relevant to your taste and liking.
  2. Hot tickets and low process are what this site offers. It may not be as light and intuitive as the Crab, but it’s proven, has an impressive track record and a successful history. For all I know their client support team rocks. And, in case something does happen you are not refunded with just 100% of your innituual purchase value, but with a whopping 200%. This means you will get twice as much in case of an emergency.
  3. This site has been present since 2007 and has since been one of the web’s best places for sports events ticket purchase. They don’t offer much aside that though and if you are looking for a concert or theaters show seat – you will be better off with TicketLodge or TicketCrab. Although if you are a diehard sports fan with prominent interest in NFL or NHL – MetroSeats can be your go-to shop.
  4. Lucky Duck tickets. I. for once, don’t enjoy this site at all but apparently the general audience disagrees with me on the matter. The Duck is poorly designed and filled with bugs but an army of fans and thousands of internet comments state the opposite. People seem to like the Duck for some reasons. I guess you’ll never know who’s right unless you’ll check it out on your own.
  5. Vivid Seats. This is one of the newer sites. It can’t be proud with an impressive track record or history and yet it is still gaining popularity among music fans of all shapes and sizes. The guys have an impressive array of tickets available for shows and events of all shapes and sizes. I faced some issues with refunding back in the day but it was rather minimal and the issue was resolved in a heartbeat.


Whatever the site you choose – do note that it’s by far more convenient than a ticket booth. We are simply lucky to live in the future. You have the entire internet to choose from for a solution. Back in the day I had to stand under the rain to get what I desire and I’m lucky to have these remarkable services today.