TV rental for events

To make your special occasion impressive, memorable, and entertaining, it’s necessary to pay particular attention to the types of equipment you need to achieve this. TV sets are quite popular options for different events. These are solutions that help to make any venue more interactive for guests.

TV sets are used during different types of presentations when you need to ensure the whole audience will be able to see the presented material. Large plasma screens are often seen during both indoor and outdoor concerts or other performances. So if you find TV rental relevant for your event as well, we suggest that you should consider the following peculiarities of TV rental services:

  • Consider the size: TV screens come in different dimensions. The option you need depends on the type of event you are going to organize or host. If this is a small party, a TV of minimum sizes will be a great fit, but if it’s a stadium performance, you might need a large video wall several feet in width.
  • Resolution: This feature affects the quality of the picture shown on TV. To choose the right one, study the technical characteristics before placing a rental order. Usually, the better the technical characteristics are, the higher the rental tariff will be.
  • Consider the audio: Often, even the best TV set won’t produce the desired effect without high-quality audio support. Consider renting from a supplier that offers a full package of event equipment, including loudspeakers and related audio inventory.
  • Setup and installation: Determine if the rental service provides setup and installation support. If not, ensure that you have the necessary equipment and expertise to properly install and configure the TV at the event venue.
  • Price: Compare the costs of different rental providers in your area to choose the one that will offer the most budget-friendly services. Study if the whole tariff includes installation, delivery, and insurance to make this deal more efficient from the financial point of view.

Where to rent?

When it comes to TV rental for events, there are numerous companies claiming to offer the “best services at the lowest prices”. We’ve studied the offers of numerous suppliers and found the distinct one — AudioVideoNYC. Why rent from this company:

  • Delivery and installation: The TV rental tariff includes not only equipment but also its setup and delivery across the NYC area.
  • Full assortment of professional equipment: It’s difficult to imagine a special occasion during which you would need only TV sets. Professional lighting, audio equipment, stereo systems, laptops for management, dance floors, and so on might also be necessary, depending on the venue and the type of occasion.
  • Experience & professionalism: AudioVideoNYC is a company with numerous years of experience in providing event equipment rental services.

If you want to find out more about the company and its services, go to the official website and get in touch with the managers to discuss all the peculiarities important for your event.