Unexpected Ways That PRINCE2 Saves You Money

If you are thinking of running more projects in your company then choosing the PRINCE2 methodology is a recommended way of doing so. This is a widely-accepted way of running projects that can help you to put in place the processes and system that you need.

Interestingly, away from the main benefits there are also many other reasons for using PRINCE2 on your projects. These are the unexpected ways in which you can save money by running smarter projects each time.

Understand the Value of Each Project Early On

It can be incredibly frustrating to put a lot of time and effort into a project that ends up providing disappointing results. In some case, it can even work out that the project cost you more money than it provides in benefits.

The advantage to using PRINCE2 is that each piece of work starts with extensive planning. This means that you will know very early on exactly what to expect from it. There will be no surprises in terms of either the budget or the benefits provided that you go about this in the right way.

This means that you can decide at the beginning whether a project is worth pursuing. The close tracking and control of projects also allows you to know exactly you stand at every stage. You can see exactly how it is going at every step of the way.

Cut Down on Overheads

Cutting down overheads in the company is one of the biggest reasons for running projects in the first place. However, what if the project itself has overheads that take away a lot of the benefits?

One of the great things about PRINCE2 is that it is so widely used. This means that you have the option of hiring remote workers that cost you far less in terms of overheads. You might also decide to let your team work from home some days, for similar reasons.

The fact that every project is run in the same and using the same principles means that there isn’t such a great need to have everyone in the same building every day.

Make Your Business Experts into Project Leaders

Another big issue with your projects could come with the cost of hiring project experts. Project managers and business analysts can command relatively high salaries that eat into your budget far more than you would like it to do.

An interesting alternative is to provide PRINCE2 Training Dublin for your existing business experts. As well as keeping down your overall costs, this can also lead to having a more united and diversely skilled team at the same time.

You could also combine these two approaches by bringing in some externally recruited experts and training some existing staff. Finding the right balance in the team will give you the best chance of success while also ensuring that you don’t spend too much on recruitment.

Deal Quickly with Whatever Crops Up

One of the biggest problems in many businesses is the inability to react quickly to the different issues that can crop up. This can stop them from providing the right solution at the perfect time, which can turn out to be extremely costly.

However, with a dedicated PRINCE2 team you will have the people and processes in place to deal with anything, even at extremely short notice. This means that you won’t need to fear new technology, emerging legislation or anything else that could threaten your business in the future.

Don’t spend more money on your projects than you have to. With the PRINCE2 methodology, you can get amazing results without having to spend a fortune on doing it.