Building A Business Website That Reaches The Masses

When you’re designing your business website, there are several strategic decisions you must make.  The way you design your pages will determine how “searchable” your content is for consumers.  

The easier it is to find your organization’s digital content, the more effective it will be at reaching your target audience.  Start off on the right foot, and research the various design elements that matter most. Here is a brief overview to get you started.  

Invest in communication efforts

Communication is everything when you’re working to boost your business.  The more communication opportunities you can add to your design, the better.  

Check out a good example.  This slip and fall lawyer created more than five different ways to contact their offices on one page, while simultaneously offering valuable information about their services.  

Include SEO elements within your design

Search engine optimization is just as it sounds; it’s a collection of techniques to use within your digital design that will help your pages rank higher in the Google SERPs (search engine results pages).  

When you find the most relevant keywords and phrases, it tips off Google search algorithms to the subject matter of your content.  For example, a shoe business would include terms like “tennis shoes,” “dress shoes,” etc.  

Always build mobile-friendly content

Mobile users dominate the population of today’s internet, so it is essential that you include mobile users in your thoughts as you design your web pages.  Your website will also receive a boost in the SERPs for being fully mobile-friendly.  

Mix up your media 

Add various types of media throughout the content of your business website to liven visitor engagement.  People will spend more time carousing your website when there are plenty of things to explore. Videos, social media excerpts, and high-quality images are all helpful when designing a successful business website.  

Add a business blog to your design

When you’re plotting out the various sections of your website, always include a “Blog” page.  Adding a blog to your business website gives you more of an opportunity to reach web users.  

Construct blog posts that are relevant to the purpose of your business, so only those who are interested in the subject matter will be directed towards your site.  Research various ways to write a stellar blog post, and become a pro for the betterment of your business.  

Include social media sharing buttons 

Include social media sharing icons in strategic locations throughout your business website design.  Add them to the bottom of your home page, the bottom of each blog post, and anywhere else you may think is relevant.  Give passing web users the chance to share the interesting information they find with friends and family, and give your business a shot at free marketing.