Three ways to be happier in life

No matter your situation, there are ways to be happier in life

Life is a precious thing because we only get one and there’s not re-make or restart button available. This isn’t a super realistic version of Mario where you get three hearts to spare and often times, it’s not a fairy tale either. Many people spend their lives miserable because they ignore core fundamental aspects about life in general but also about themselves. People even tell me that you can’t have everything you want, like sit around home all day and still get paid, but my response usually begs to differ. Here are the three things you must do if you want to be happier in life.

Let yourself be the priority, for once

We’re brought up with this sense of having to always put yourself before someone else. Whether it’s your family, your boss or your love interest, it’s the social norm to take a step back and let them be happy first while you should be perfectly fine with the scraps, if you’re a decent human being that it. That’s not really how things should go and if you really want to be happy you need to put your own desires first. That’s not to be confused with being a greedy, ego-centric person that it’s annoying to be around. You need to find a balance so that you don’t fall in either extreme.


A reason for which many people are unhappy is because deep down they’re not necessarily unwell but more so bored. Bored because they’ve already seen everything there is to see in their neighborhood, their city, their state or their country. But there is so much more out there in the world. You can always go to a new place you’ve never visited before. Doing this will broaden your horizon, expose you to new culture and give you a better sense about the world we live in. It’s also a great way of discovering yourself and what it truly is that makes you happy.

Get out of your comfort zone

Our comfort zone is like a protective bubble, but we all know about the bubble boy, right? He never gets to experience anything so the fact that he’s always safe doesn’t really mean much for his existence. Don’t be afraid to take risks and most importantly don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and do things you would have never pictured yourself doing. It’s one of the most important things if you want to truly be happy. Because what it all comes down to when you’re in your 80’s, is whether or not close your eyes and truthfully say that you are fulfilled. Having no regrets is not something you can do from behind a shell.