Why is Bingo So Popular?

Without a doubt, every single one of us has space in our brains for a bunch of useless facts and for those who are bingo lovers, chances are your head is full of them! But were you aware of these bingo facts?

Certain countries and cultures would use bingo to teach students history and to learn numbers. The game was later popularised by a New York toy salesman in 1929, when he saw the game being played at a fair in Jackson Georgia and recreated it for his friends.

With its increased popularity and introduction to the online world, the “bingo economy” has actually contributed to the employment of over 20,000 people. Nowadays, bingo games are being played across the world, so it’s safe to assume people won’t stop playing bingo anytime soon.

But have you wondered what it is about bingo that makes it so enjoyable? With so many fun and interesting reasons surrounding the game, test your crazy bingo knowledge on the quiz below and see if you can get 10/10?!

The game of bingo has also become one of the most famous games in the online gambling market, and can be played online in every part of the world. It can be either virtually, in bingo clubs or in charity events. No matter how you play bingo, the reasons why it became popular are quite the same… and these are:


The game of chance which first appeared on the Italian peninsula in the 16th century has been a favourite among gaming enthusiasts worldwide because of how social and communicative it is.  It’s no mystery that we as humans like to communicate and talk to one another, and bingo is a game that does just that.

  • Land based – When it comes to land-based bingo games, players tend to communicate less as they must pay attention to the caller or announcer, who calls the random numbers. They tend to be extra careful as failing to daub a number can lead them to losing. But the atmosphere in the land based bingo halls is very relaxed and social, and players get to meet their other player-friends on a regular basis.


  • Online Bingo – Even if online bingo is a virtual form of entertainment, it gives players the ability to socialise more. Sites like Bingo Extra offer live chat in all the bingo rooms, so that players can speak to each other. All the rooms on Bingo Extra are monitored by chat moderators which are very friendly and helpful. Plus, many chat games are played each hour in Bingo Extra’s bingo rooms, so that you can win some extra freebies. There are no chances that you miss your games while playing special chat games, as you can use the Auto- Daub feature.

Winning Money

Bingo games are not only popular for the group of friends or chat games; you also have the chance to win great amounts! When it comes to online bingo games, many players use it to make some extra money. Many players have also won amazing prizes like cars, luxury trips and exotic vacations depending on the many offers provided by sites.

Play from Home- Online Bingo

Online bingo is becoming more famous than bingo halls, and it is simply because it can be played anytime and anywhere. Many bingo sites allow players to use many types of devices to play online bingo, thus they can play whenever they have Wi-Fi, which means even when they are on the run. People must no longer find bingo halls but can instead play 24/7. Also, online bingo sites provide different types of bingo games such as 90 Ball Bingo, 75 Ball Bingo and 5-line bingo; plus, the cards’ prices range, thus affordable for everyone.

Another aspect of online bingo site is that it offers a variety of bonuses and promotions. Thus, players can have more game plays, despite depositing a small amount. For example, at Bingo Extra, you can get either 100% slots bonus or 400% bingo bonus on your minimum first deposit of £10.