What are the Main Options to get to JFK from Manhattan

After having a phenomenal time in the city of New York and it’s time to head home, it’s important to have already considered how you will be getting to the airport for the journey. As you can imagine, the infrastructure in the city is excellent and that stretches to the modes of transport available for the transfer back to JFK airport and here are the best options for you if you are leaving Manhattan for home.



One of New York’s most famous and iconic modes of transport is the yellow taxi, thousands of them litter the streets day and night and they are easy to flag down. The drivers are famed for their sense of humour and local knowledge and you will be in safe hands with them. The fare for a journey from Manhattan to JFK airport in a yellow cab will cost you between 50 and 55 dollars.


Whilst you could take public busses to the airport, they often take a lot longer to get to the airport due to their longer route. The better option would be to take the airport shuttle that goes directly from Manhattan to the airport. The bus will cost around $17, they run every twenty minutes between the hours of 5am and 1130pm, if you have young children under the age of 3 then they will be able to travel free of charge.

Private Car


There are some fantastic companies in New York that offer chauffeur driven car services which are tailored to your needs. The best way to go about a having a private car pick you up and take you to the airport is to book early for the best prices. A car service to JFK will give you flexibility, reliability and a nice personal and luxurious touch to your trip back to the airport. Many companies will also offer a text message or email alert service so you’ll know exactly when your driver will be arriving. Prices range greatly depending on the company and the type of car you want but prices can be as low as $27.


The New York subway runs all around the city including the airport and from Manhattan you can take a direct train straight JFK. Naturally if you are heavy-laden with bags then the subway may not be the best option due to the number of people on the train, especially during the work rush hour. The air-train specifically runs through the city to and from the airport and will set you back around $7, the journey is likely to take about an hour and a half. If you are staring down the barrel of a long-haul flight then perhaps the additional time that the subway takes will make you think twice about using this option. If you are travelling light and have time on your side then the subway is a good choice as it is full of character and simply people watching on the underground train is a great way to pass time, and give you a final glimpse of the city before you go home.