What makes a great Christmas lights show?

When you are out and about with your family during the Christmas season, do you go around and look at Christmas lights? You may even live in or near a community that puts on a light display, but what makes a great light show? This is what you should look for.


A great Christmas lights show should include more than a variety of light displays. It should also have fun activities that you can enjoy with your friends and family. You may find carnival-type games, firepits for making smores, sledding and tubing. You should have places to sit and visit as well.

The area may have shopping opportunities, such as craft fairs or booths for local craftspeople and manufacturers. You may also find booths where you can complete Christmas crafts, such as making wreaths or baking cookies.

Food and Drinks

Light show destinations should have adequate food and beverage options. These are great opportunities for local restaurants or individuals to share their gifts. Some of these events offer a wide variety of food options by inviting food trucks. Not only should you find full meals, but vendors should have snack foods. Hot drink options, such as cocoa and tea will warm you and your family during your evening adventures.

A Few Traditions

Like most holiday events, you should find holiday traditions. No holiday event is complete without Santa. Even if he shows up for a few hours during the day or briefly during the evening, a Santa’s village is a welcome addition to any lights show. Some events even have train or carriage rides or a nativity scene.

Don’t forget the traditional Christmas carols and new Christmas tunes. Music always creates a festive, immersive atmosphere.

Dynamic Lights Show

The key attraction should be the lights. Great shows have hundreds of thousands of lights in a variety of colors. You may find light tunnels, lit trees and bushes, structures and characters. You may find laser light shows as well.

As you prepare for the holiday season, try to find a truly great light show.