Why People Consider Blogging from Home Anonymously

It was almost impossible to write anonymously in the past, especially for those people who worked in offices. But things are different nowadays. There are many opportunities for an individual to be an anonymous blogger from their home. Anyone can become a blogger by posting their work on reputable websites that protect identities. 

People can also start their site, but they consider testing the waters first. They do this because it saves time and money, as they can see if their content can become famous. But why would people want to post anonymously? Here are two reasons why.

To Get A Fresh Start

Many people would love to start blogging about their interests, even if their actual lives don’t represent it accurately. 

For instance, if a person working minimum wage starts to write about traveling and going living a life of luxury, people won’t take the work seriously. People will question every single detail in the blog and might even ridicule it.

But if the same person starts to post under a pseudonym, such as John Doe, then people will take the work more seriously.

If They Are Uncertain

Many people are not certain about their skills or work. They are afraid of the negative backlash they might receive after posting under their real name. That is why they choose to take the anonymous path.

They decide to hide behind a pseudonym and find out how their work is without any judgment. It can also be an excellent way to see how readers might react to the content.