Planning your perfect night in

Although it’s great having an active social life whilst getting out and about in the city, sometimes it’s a little more fun to simply stay at home and unwind in style. So if you’re looking to capitalise on your downtime in the most enjoyable way possible, check out a few of these handy hints.

Food first


One of the biggest tasks that faces all of us when preparing for a lazy night at home, is the question of how to feed ourselves. Whilst many of us may like the idea of cooking a gourmet meal, the reality is that after a hard day’s work, most of us will be feeling too tired to face the kitchen.

Thankfully, the digital revolution has arrived at just the right time with a range of apps providing you with a quick and easy takeaway service. Apps like Appetite provide instant access to a huge range of food outlets that are integrated with the technology, and can deliver you a world-beating selection of cuisines with just the click of a button. Whereas the Snapnsave app has recently been launched in South Africa and can help cut costs on a range of grocery bills – particularly handy when getting some drinks in for the evening.

Entertainment options

video game controller

The sheer variety of options offered by our digital devices means that we can now access an entire world of media at our fingertips. Already there has been a phenomenal growth in legal streaming sites such as VIDI that provide a massive choice of TV series and films that can be beamed directly into your home.

Similarly, those who enjoy a quick game of roulette, blackjack, or poker can now access a range of casino games thanks to the Springbok Casino site that also features some fun and entertaining slots games. And if you’re looking to continue the gaming well into the night, then it could also be an idea to check out Nag Online for the latest South African console gaming news and tips.

Unwinding in style


Once you’ve given yourself the perfect night’s entertainment, it’s now time to unwind ahead of the next day. Those seeking a little midnight snack could do a lot worse than remind themselves of the comforts of home cooking with a piece of malva pudding. And just a touch of light mood music from South Africa’s Classic FM can be the perfect therapeutic aid to a long and tiring day.