Winter Flooring Trends

As the famous Game of Thrones quote goes, winter is coming. We are in the fortunate position we won’t have white walkers with an ice breathing dragon knocking at our door. If you don’t watch Game of Thrones that will make no sense, so I’ll move onto the actual topic of this blog, winter flooring trends. It may surprise you how important having the right flooring fitted is in winter, and our guide will help you select the best flooring and keep your house nice and warm as the colder season draws in.

The right colour is incredibly important, to ensure that it gives off the right aesthetic and feel in your home. Darker colours can give off the impression of heat, thus in your mind creating an actual warmth. Walnut flooring is the darkest of the wood species, but you can alo get darker oaks. There are a number of options ranging from the cheapest such as walnut laminate flooring, to slightly more upmarket options like engineered oak wood.

Engineered wood floorings have the capability to have underfloor heating installed underneath. It’s not advised to fit underfloor heating with solid wood flooring as it can expand under the heat, causing damage to the flooring. Engineered is made up of a number of layers, with the primary layer made up of layers and layers of ply, with only the top layer actually being wood, this means that it won’t expand and can therefore have underfloor heating installed. You can also add insulation under flooring to ensure that heat doesn’t escape.

It is always advised that before fitting wood flooring you allow it to sit in the room you plan on laying it in to ensure that it properly adapts to its environment. Certain flooring types fit certain rooms, so it is important to make sure you properly conduct your research beforehand. Different conditions suit different floorings, wood flooring is best kept away from areas of high moisture and areas that are exposed to water. They are however excellent under heavy footfall and in areas of high traffic. For kitchen and bathroom areas, we’d recommend laminate flooring, as it is not only sturdy, it’s also water resistant and incredibly cost effective!

It’s important to make sure that you have extra measures in place around your house to avoid getting the chill! Draft excluders across doors will ensure that no heat escapes the room, as well as making sure that a chill doesn’t enter! You can by them, but you can also make your own at home using any material to wedge the gap in your door, so a long cushion, or an item of clothing will do the trick.

It is also key to ensure that windows and shut properly and that any cracks are covered. You can also invest in thick curtains, these will help keep the cold out. For slightly more extensive budgets, double glazing is also an option.

There are a number of other options to consider. A jumper/scarf, or two, if you really do have an issue with the cold weather. A traditional method of lighting a fire, and a more modern method of ensuring that your radiators are in working order! Possibly the most entertaining option is to go out and get a pet, but it is important to remember that a pet is not just for Christmas.

We hope our guide has helped you somewhat to stay warm this winter.