Would You Rather Lose Weight or Gain Money?


With Le-Vel Brands, now you can actually achieve both! Le-Vel Brands is an innovative direct sales company that offers both weight loss supplements and the chance to be a business owner and products seller. Thanks to its innovative dietary supplements which contain vitamins and minerals, Le-Vel Brands can now also spread the wealth and success to its members.

Introducing: Le-Vel Brands’ Products Lineup

In today’s beauty and fitness obsessed society, looking and feeling great has premium value. Unfortunately, many struggle with unhealthy lifestyles, bad habits, poor diet and lack of exercise. Le-Vel Brands attempts to level the playing field by creating innovative dietary supplements that can help with weight management and increasing energy level and well being. All of these can be achieved without tedious and painful exercises and/or restrictive diets. Thrive M (for men) and Thrive W (for woman) are multivitamin pill supplements that contain various vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients to help with weight loss and lack of energy. Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix is whey protein powder that deliver antioxidants, probiotics and enzymes to the body when added to smoothies or other drinks. Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT (Derma Fusion Technology) is an innovative product that comes in the form of a skin patch that is put on the skin so that its natural ingredients can be directly absorbed by the bloodstream. Naturally enough, this unique weight management technique in the form of a skin sticker is generating a lot of buzz and interest, since no company has ever done it before. All this excitement leads to the second benefit of getting involved with Le-Vel Brands, which is the chance to cultivate one’s entrepreneurial side.

Le-Vel Brands’ Commissions Setup

Affiliates and retailers of Le-Vel Brands’ products enjoy generous commission offers: a twenty percent commission rate on sales made from personal customers, plus a twelve percent commission from those customers occupying level one, and four percent commission on products sold to customers on levels two and three. There are also other perks available for Le-Vel Brands members, like generous bonuses in the form of free gadgets like the iPad or luxury vehicle leases. Moreover, members are taken on annual vacations around the world to exotic destinations like Italy, Mexico and the Napa Valley. All of these offers show that Le-Vel Brands values and appreciates its hard-working members.

Reap the Biggest Benefits with Le-Vel Brands

Truth be told, Le-Vel members would get the maximum benefits if they decide to both use and sell the dietary supplements. Members who decide to buy regular monthly shipments of their chosen Le-Vel products enjoy tremendous discounts on these premium lifestyle products, since this option is much cheaper than the buy-once option. When coupled with all the commissions and bonuses, losing weight and making money with Le-Vel Brands would not be considered as “work”. Indeed, these two complement each other so well that doing both would be a breeze. After all, who would actually refuse the chance to be slim AND rich?