Web Tools and Apps for the Busy Real Estate Professional

Wonder what web tools and apps that uber-successful real estate agent Adrian Rubin depends on every day? This post will share several that enables his life to run smoothly on a daily basis…


1) Slack

Most real estate professionals work together as part of a team. In order to sell houses in an orderly fashion, the agent must work with his team back at the office, as well as any contractors that he depends upon to help make everyone’s daily life less chaotic.

This has gotten easier over the years, as the dawn of the internet, and then the invention of the smartphone has made communication between members of a team smoother.

However, the launch of Slack has made these links even more useful, as it has given real estate offices tools such as channels, which has made it easy to organize communication into various topics, and integrated sharing, which allows you to drag and drop files into the channel so that everyone can view what you’ve been working on.

2) Boomerang for Gmail 

For some professionals, email can be a very complicated matter. Not only do you have to answer dozens of emails per day, but you also have to send email to certain contacts as well.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could write a batch of messages at once, but then time them to send at given times? Boomerang for Gmail helps you do that, and it also reminds you if you have not gotten a reply from an email that you have sent some time ago.

This way, you can remember to follow up with contacts that may forget about your initial inquiry if you do not remind them in a timely manner.

3) Hip Pocket 

In 2016, the real estate marketing game depends upon networks of all kinds – whether they be social, professional, or otherwise. Keeping track of them all has gotten overly complicated, which is where Hip Pocket comes in handy.

This app has made it its mission to simplify the flow of information from you to the various networks that you manage on a daily basis.

Hip Pocket has become a well-loved app of many real estate brokerages, as it allows them to share their listings with the various social networks that they have contact with just by pressing a few buttons.

4) Peerstreet 

Want to get involved in highly profitable real estate plays, but don’t have the excess capital around to invest in the traditional way?

While we are sure that Adrian presently has the connections to do things in the old way, he also loves the multiplicative effect of being able to participate in the many more lucrative crowd funding opportunities that Peerstreet has made possible.

Peerstreet allows investors to participate on the debt side of a traditional real estate transaction, and while that may sound scary to the uninitiated, it has traditionally been one of the most secure investments that one can make.