10 Awesome Homemade Halloween Decorations

Women delight in trick-or-treat. Children treat themselves to potato pancakes. The nights are filled with pumpkin glow lanterns dangling down the balconies on the street. And the days pass in the making of flashy make-up, masks & costumes. Halloween might be a day of ghosts but that doesn’t have to mean that your home remains dark and lonely. Thinking of this and snaking through the treasures of Pandora’s Box, we selected ten Halloween decorations you can create yourself. Read up on.

  1. Make some Eerie Centrepieces

Welcome your guests with a bit of eeriness. Make your own ghostly bushels, a faux bird nest, wreaths and garlands, there are several options to explore. To do this, you can use faux plants, mesh wires, strings, straws, twigs, wood slivers or any such recyclable material.

  1. Get Some Fairy Light Shimmer

Apart from ghastly horror, Halloween nights demand lots of glam-sham too. Turn your entryway or porch into party style outdoors with these ideas. Dangle some spookily crafted lanterns from your window sills. Decorate your entry door with a topiary of jack-o’-lanterns. Light up your outdoors with some transparent jars filled with colourful confetti and covered in glow-in-the-dark paste.

  1. Make it Look Magical with Witch’s Broom

A Witch’s broom is one accessory that immediately sends down waves of spine-tingling chills. If you do not want to purchase it from market, you can create your own with the help of yarn threads, tree branches, twigs or bushes. Another amazing idea is to replace your curtain rods with witch’s broom and hang some lightweight white cloths down them.

  1. Invite some Nightly Creatures

It can be anything. Take the example of a spider-shaped eraser children use in their pencil box. Another idea is to press your palm in a plate filled with water colour, and print it on the walls. Or, do this on a cardboard instead. You can then cut these hands and dangle them down your ceiling fan. They will look like floating hands in space.

  1. Savour in Skulls

The idea is to use skulls in dining and kitchen. Bake some skull shaped brownies. Cut some shopping boxes in shape of skulls. Use these skulls to keep cutlery. If you’re in for spending a little amount, there are even skull shaped saucers, spatulas and bowls available in the market.

  1. Go Black

The festival of Halloween and the colour black go synonymous in a lot of ways. There are innumerable things you can do to bring out this combination. From black origami paper, create silhouettes of flowers, spiders and bats. Melt some wax in a bowl, add black colour and create black candles. Other examples include black ribbon garlands, chalkboard painted accessories, black glitter stars etc. You too can paint your lips in black lipstick!

  1. Reinvent Furniture & Upholstery

Repurpose your furniture and furnishings with the help of some black paint, colours and a little bit of creativity. Paint your tablecloths and curtains with spooky creatures such as spiders, bats and skulls. Paint your door with a Frankenstein’s face. If there are some peg rails or wall hooks that are visible, paint them in colour to make them look like googly eyes.

  1. Let the Ghouls Party

Make your home décor revolve around ghouls with some creepy ghoul decorations. From wall hangings to door hangers, pendant lights or even a centrepiece, you can do pretty much anything you like with ghouls. To create the ghouls, you can use white lace, white cheese cloth, plastic balls or faces of old dolls.

  1. Decorate with Candy Fillers

Let your visitors take away a candy or chocolate everytime they enter or leave your home. Use accessories as candy filler containers and keep them at your doorway. Examples include candy jars, pumpkin cakes, marshmallow skulls etc. To decorate your dining table with it, take some gems or chocolate balls and wrap them in orange glaze papers in the shape of pumpkins. Keep these pumpkin gifts in a plate to surprise your kids.

  1. Make a Haunted House

Dangle down some glow sticks from your door handles. Create a skull lit entrance pathway with the help of pumpkin lanterns. Setup a topiary of skulls. If your home has greenery indoors or outdoors, decorate the trees and bushes with haunted mysteriousheartland.com eyeballs decorations.

Wrapping Up

Spooky ghosts live in darkness. They are afraid of happiness and light. So decorate your home with these fabulous decorations, so that when the creepy creatures try to enter your house, the decorations of your house will boo them away. With blessings!