A Checklist of What to Prepare before Renting Your House out for the First Time

If you’re aiming to be a landlord, you’re in good company.Many property owners opt to rent out their old places instead of put their property up for sale.This way, they can enjoy a steady stream of income over time. It’s important to prepare your home before you lease it out to a tenant. Here is a list of recommended steps from the best pest control company to help homeowners know what to do before renting their homes out.

Clear the Exterior Space

Before you tackle the interior of your home, take a survey of the outside. Clear out your exterior spaces, including bushes, trees, plants and grass to keep annoying pests away.Help your new tenants have a clear and clean space that is ideal for entertaining and outdoor fun.

Inspect the Interior for Potential Problems

Then, move on to the interior of your home. Schedule a house pest inspection to make sure your tenants don’t have any uninvited guests.Check all major appliances, doors, windows and plumbing to make sure everything is in operable condition.

Clean the Inside of the Home

Next, schedule a professional deep clean of the home if needed. For large spaces, you may need to call in a cleaning crew to help you achieve that spotless look only a deep clean can do.For a smaller home, you can attempt to do it yourself.Don’t forget to sweep ceilings and corners for cobwebs or dust bunnies. Remove all screens from windows and doors to clean and change the air filters in your HVAC system.

Have a Professional Spray for Pests

You may also need to do a professional pest control spray before you have your new tenants move in. If your home attracts mice or other rodents, have a regular pest control service plan in place to keep them out of the property. Doing it yourself may not be as effective and may put your home at risk of losing tenants over time.

Make Any Repairs

Finally, before anyone moves in, you’ll need to get through your big list of repairs and replacements. Most rental homes need a new coat of paint or carpet replacement each time a new renter arrives. Be prepared to also update and replace any appliances, such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, toilets and more.

Get more help with your rental property by contacting a pest control company or wildlife control services. Don’t let your tenants get a nasty surprise with something like pests or a home that doesn’t live up to their expectations.