Top 10 home improvement hacks

home improvement

If you are thinking of making some little upgrades in your house and worrying about spending too much money then this post is definitely going to help you. In a home, little things count the most, simple little improvements can make your house mess free and make it more efficient. So, without paying the hefty amount for upgrading your house you can try some of the hacks from this post. Here are the top 10 home improvement hacks which will make your house feel more like a home.

1. Repairing wood scratches

If you have wooden furniture in your living room then chances are that your furniture has some nicks and scratches on the surface, these scratches look ugly and replacing furniture costs money. Here are two foolproof hacks to repair wood scratches without spending money on wood refinisher.

Use a crayon- Find the shade that matches the wood and fill the scratches then clean it with a rag.

Use walnuts- Rub the meat of walnut in the direction of scratch and clean it your wood scratch is repaired.

2. Cover fridge shelves with plastic wrap

Keeping your fridge or cabinets clean is a real mess. Those drops and stain marks are recurring, to avoid this you can cover your shelves with plastic wrap which will make them easier to clean. When cleaning is required you just have to remove the plastic wrap. Also, the plastic wrap will make your shelf smoother and prevent it from any leaks.

3. Fix small nail holes with toothpaste

If you have light colored walls then these small holes are easy to spot which looks very ugly. Once a nail hole is made then it becomes unavoidable. To fill these holes you just need white toothpaste. Place the nozzle of the tube on the hole and squeeze toothpaste into the hole and let it dry. This hack will extend your repainting.

4. Nail holding hack

With this small hack, you will no longer have to put those rusty nails in your mouth. Attach a small circular magnet with a powerful double sided tape to the base of a hammer handle to keep nails handy. While hammering the nail use a comb or a simple hair clip to keep the nail straight which will help to avoid any injury to the fingers.

5. Cover up electrical boxes and thermostat with painting

Those unnecessary electric boxes and sockets on the wall are complete eyesores which are a huge disappointment in every home, they look very odd and ugly on walls. To cover this hand painting over them with a nail, to hide the thermostat it’s better to use hinged wall painting.

6. Hiding cords and routers

In some areas of our home, we all have tangled cords and cables, sometimes we have no idea of what it does with them. To hide cables you can hook them up with furniture, flat wires can be placed on walls, you can also use PVC pipe to hide wires. Put a hole in a decorative box for cords and place the router inside

7. Painting hacks

Doing the paint job in your home had never been an easy task, it’s very frustrating to keep your doors, windows, and furniture from spills and splashes of paint. To avoid spilling you can use old cardboards on the floor. Paint the ceiling first then go to walls. Use tape for perfect lines in corners. To keep leftover paint fresh cover the can with cling film then close the lid, use vinegar for easily cleaning brushes.

8. Command Hooks

If you live in a rented house then you probably know how uneasy it is to put holes. Command hooks can be used for avoiding holes. Use them behind the bathroom for hanging towels it will also save space. Command hooks can be removed easily without leaving marks, use them to hold wires of grinder and oven in the kitchen.

9. Use colored tapes for a quick makeover

Are you getting bored from the plain look of your fridge or cabinets, then colored tapes can give them new looks. Simply cut out different shapes from colored tapes(circular, star-shaped, square, bird, butterfly, etc) and paste them randomly all over the fridge or cabinet doors to make them look stunning.

10. Doorknob hacks

Don’t throw old door handles they can be used in different ways to repurpose your home. Screw these knobs on the bathroom door for hanging towels and clothes or use them in your closet for organizing jewelry pieces. Attach two know on the corner of windows to use them as curtain tie backs.