What is custom essay writing? Discover how it works from the inside

Back in high settings, we all were already beginning to get the notion that, depending on our career choices in life, our education would involve a great measure of writing. We started with the simple English compositions – writing about people, places, or events. Then gradually we continued to essays that formed part of our exams and high school assessments. Now, most of us as students hear terms like ‘thesis’, ‘dissertation’, ‘case study’, ‘custom essay writing’ and many others.

And some have real challenges with these written works, especially custom essay writing. We would explore the process of writing a custom essay, and understand what it takes.

Defining the custom essay writing term

What is the best way to define custom essay writing? We believe the simplest way to do that is by referring to this as the act of writing a lengthy composition that adheres to specific requirements i.e. it is totally unique, and cannot be matched to any other piece of work. The uniqueness requirement is the one feature that singles out this type of task from others. A thesis could have some similar information to another, but the result you get from following the specifications of the task, or from consulting custom essay writing services is a distinct piece of its own. There is no similar work out there.

The art of unique wording

Uniqueness is the foremost requisite for creating a top-quality essay that gets you high grades. However, many students ask how possible this is, even though the English vocabulary is vast, there are words beyond our reach. It’s not that we cannot use them, they simply don’t fit the scope of the custom task we are assigned.

At WritingPeak.com, we always make moves towards keeping our clients informed about the quirks associated with drafting tasks. We would first look at what makes up the best custom essay writing result.

In broader terms, literally composed work is made up of:

  • An opening paragraph
  • The main text (two or more paragraphs)
  • A closing paragraph.

The number of paragraphs you might need to draft is solely determined by the criteria given to you by your lecturer. Now that we have looked at the parts found in every penned-down work, we will move straight on to ensuring uniqueness.

There are a number of ‘simple tips’ one can follow to create a custom essay that speaks excellence. Next we present each of them.


Like we rightly said earlier in this piece, the English vocabulary is quite vast, and we don’t use up to 50% of available words in our day-to-day small talks. Sincerely, you will be required to use simple grammar when writing your assignment, but did you know that most of these words have equally simple synonyms? A synonym is a word that has a similar meaning to another. Rather than using what everyone is more likely to use, look for less frequently used synonyms that reflect the context of what is being written.

Active and passive, direct and indirect speech

This is where all English lessons pay off! The way you interchange the use of active and passive sentences may be the only thing besides synonyms that would set your essay apart from others. For instance, when most people like to say “…. get a job. This is done by adjusting search settings…” you can make it active by saying “… search settings can be adjusted… get a job”. You have successfully made the ‘adjusting search settings’ the active doer of the process. This is only an example; there are diverse ways these forms of speech can be used. The same principle applies to use of direct and indirect speech.

Rearranging/rephrasing words

If changing the form of speech is confusing, you could consider rearranging the words, either with or without removing existing ones or adding new ones. This is mostly used by cheap custom essay writing gurus and gives very good results.

By default, people are accustomed to arranging their sentences in a particular pattern that resonates across articles you might see online. Rephrasing or rearranging sentences is one of the solid methods of creating an excellent custom piece. When using this tip, ensure that the words used do not erase the previous context intended for this part of the paragraph.