The 2016 NFL Season is Right Around the Corner

The 2016 NFL Season is bound to be filled with excitement
Photo by CC user 53098051@N02 on Flickr

If you’re a bit worn down by the long Major League Baseball (MLB) season, you are likely not alone.

When you play 162 games during the regular season, tack on about a month’s worth of playoffs, yes, you could say the season is a bit too long.

On the flip side of the coin, the National Football League (NFL) seems to have it just about right.

Start the regular season in early September, end the regular season around New Year’s Day or so, have a few weeks of playoffs, and then head into the Super Bowl with all the marbles on the line for a pair of teams.

Now, don’t think for even one minute those professional football players could handle 162 games a season as their MLB counterparts do.

First, there probably would not be enough players left to field even one team if they had to play all of those games.

Secondly, it would take all the fun out of fans of the respective teams talking smack for the week leading up to the game and the fallout from after the game.

Finally, there would not be enough TV channels around (or sports bars for that matter) to cover 162 regular season games.

With all the being said, are you ready for some football?

Which Team Will Capture the Super Bowl and Top Sales?

As the 2016 NFL season gets set to kick off, the pundits have already labeled several teams as Super Bowl favorites.

The likes of New England, Green Bay, Seattle, Arizona and Pittsburgh are already getting the pre-season hype as the favorites to be battling late into January for the right to play in Super Bowl LI on Feb. 5, 2017 in Houston.

Other than Cleveland likely being eliminated after say about Week 4 of the season (just kidding Browns fans), it is safe to say that there is a fair amount of parody around the league.

Yes, New England seems like it has been chasing the Super Bowl (and winning a few along the way) for about the last 20 years.

Meantime, the Steelers (winners of the most Super Bowl championships with six) appear set to challenge yet again this season, something that will make fans nationwide either very happy or very peeved, this given fans usually either love the black and gold or despise the black and gold.

Maybe one of the biggest stories on the field not having to do with players but more so with names and logos, the Washington Redskins continue to draw the ire of those who feel the team’s name and logo are a slap in the face to native Americans.

Despite the uproar, Redskins’ management has been adamant about keeping things just the way they are. Whether you are for or against the team’s nickname and logo, there is no denying there have been several generations of fans in D.C. who have grown up supporting this team no matter what controversy there might be.

That said between now and next February, you can bet that NFL fans nationwide will be hooting and hollering as their favorite teams take to the field.

Not only is the NFL a big industry on the field, but buying NFL clothing is also a huge part of the game.

No matter which team or teams you are a fan of, you can find jerseys, shirts, sweatshirts, hats, helmets, boxer shorts, sweatpants, ladies clothing and much more in stores, NFL team shops, and of course online.

With all that merchandise out there, it is no wonder that going to your local grocery store on a Sunday morning is quite an experience. Not only are the lines oftentimes long, but you will see football fans in their favorite gear, all making sure they are stocking up on food and drink for parties at their homes and homes of friends and relatives.

As another NFL season gets set to launch for good on Sept. 8 (Carolina at Denver), make sure you are ready to cheer on your favorites with the right gear, the best food and drinks, and of course the best friends and family around.

When it comes to watching the NFL, you are sure to get a kick out of it again this season.