The Unforgettables: What You Need to Pack for a Winter Trip to Wisconsin

Watching the Green Bay Packers play is an awesome activity on a Winter Trip to Wisconsin ... photo by CC user Jame Healy on Flickr

Wisconsin’s largest city, Milwaukee is a place where you’ll want to do some sightseeing. The only problem? Extremely cold temperatures and an abundance of snowfall are fairly common in the wintertime. But don’t let this limit you in any way – pack a warm pair of snow boots, fuzzy socks, a coat that can withstand the cold, and all other winter necessities that will help you brave the weather. After your long day in the cold, you can bundle up by the fire in one of these cozy Milwaukee hotels.

Gear Up for Football in Green Bay

Fans of the Green Bay Packers are known to be some of the most dedicated football fans in all of America. If you choose to visit Green Bay in the winter, there’s a good chance that you’ll experience some of this craziness. You might even want to buy a ticket for a game at the stadium to experience this fandom firsthand. Be sure to bring your Green Bay gear, or sport gold and green in support of the city’s beloved football team. Hurry and book a room quick at one of these Green Bay hotels.

Don’t Forget Your Swimsuit in Wisconsin Dells

The Wisconsin Dells is just as cold as the rest of the state during the wintertime, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pack a bathing suit when you travel to this part of the state. There is a handful of indoor water parks that you should visit during your trip, the most popular one being the Great Wolf Lodge. Even if you choose not to book a room here, you can find several quality Wisconsin Dells hotels near the lodge and still take advantage of the water park.

Dress to Impress in Appleton

One of the most popular activities to do in Appleton during the winter is go to the Performing Arts Center for some live entertainment. This could be a concert, a play, or a comedy show, so be sure to dress for the occasion. Famous shows, such as The Producers, and pop culture icons, including Cher and David Copperfield, have performed here. Plan ahead when packing for your trip if you intend to check out the performing arts in Appleton. Before you buy tickets for live entertainment, book a room in one of Appleton’s luxurious hotels.

Hit the Trails in Lake Geneva

Don’t forget your hiking boots! Lake Geneva is famous for its beautiful trails, parks, beaches, and mountain paths, so don’t let the cold stop you from spending time outdoors. The Geneva Lake Shore Path is among the most popular of these outdoor activities, so be sure to pack comfy boots, shoes, and other articles of clothing to stay bundled up. After exploring the outdoors, kick back and relax in one of Lake Geneva’s hotels.