3 Advantages To Solid Wood Flooring

Redoing your flooring is a fantastic way to give your home a new lease of life. Whether you’re living in a luxury apartment, a rustic style cottage or a modern nest, there are so many ways to improve and make things that bit more welcoming and fresh.

While painting and decluttering is a cheap and simple way of improving things, they don’t have quite the same effect as getting a new flooring. But the next job is to decide what flooring to go for, and we would say that solid oak flooring comes out on top. 

There’s a reason solid oak flooring stands the test of time and fashions. Not only is it very resilient, but it is also a beautiful addition to the aesthetic of your home

Timeless Style

As mention above, oak flooring is completely timeless and will never go out of fashion. IT dates back to as far as the 17th century, and even those floors that were laid then are still around today. For hundreds of years, oak has served all sorts of homes and its popularity is only on the rise today. You can rest assured that oak flooring is a safe and good investment. 

It also offers the perfect balance of attractive neutrality and gorgeous texture, meaning it works in harmony with all kinds of interior style while remaining the best feature of a room. You will never have to install a new flooring to keep up with the trends, it will always be in style. 

Health benefits

Now this is something that isn’t so well known, but did you know that wood flooring is actually better for your health than other options such as carpet, especially if you have allergies? It does not harbour excess dirt and dust, which of course is good news hygienic wise.


Whatever décor you have, chances are there is one vital thing everyone has in common, which is great value for money.

Although an expensive upfront cost, wood flooring has amazing life span which means it’s likely you wont ever have to replace it. It is also very hard wearing, meaning damage is rare too. However if any scratches and stains do appear, then you can sand it down and refinish it to remove any damage or wear. This can also be done more than once two and should not normally need to be done for the first twenty years or so, so you can only imagine how long these gorgeous floors can last for!