Home Decoration Tips for Apartment Living

Just because your home is small doesn’t mean you can’t go big with decorating. In fact, approaching a small space with specific ideas and a clear vision can be fun and ultimately very rewarding.

If you’re on a budget it’s always a great idea to invest in a couple of high-quality European pieces first so you can build the rest of your living or dining room around them.

Investing in furniture makes sense economically, because not only will you have the pieces for many years to come, but also the value of your furniture will increase with time.

To get a sense of exclusive and artisanal European furniture you could bring into your home you should check this out — a luxury European furniture supplier that administers door-to-door shipping with UPS, and has a two-week delivery policy all the way from Italy. They also offer no duties on furniture entering Canada, as well as 24/7 support to customers.

With European sophisticated design in mind, let’s take a look at apartment decorating ideas that will make your space appear bigger and brighter.

Make It Curvy

Many apartments are boxy in nature, so it’s fun to cut corners with some curves. Include round tables and chairs for a more organic atmosphere. Circular rugs and polka-dot motifs are also effective tools to create a softer and less boxy vibe.

Be sure to check out the Italian designer Due Cigni. They offer beautiful kitchen pieces such as rounded cutlery, knives, cutting boards, and more. Your curviness doesn’t have to end at sofas and chairs — make everything stand out in your apartment, even your forks and knives.

Brighten Things Up

Adding light to your apartment can make it appear larger and feel a lot more spacious. Throwing a light rug on the floor, painting the walls white or off-white — these are all tricks to make a small and poorly-lit space livelier and cheerful.

Consider a contemporary take on creating light and airy spaces with stunning pieces from the Italian brand Ethimo. Inspired by the breathtaking Mediterranean landscape, Ethimo creates furniture design for both indoors and outdoors.

These cleverly and absolutely unique designs will brighten your apartment and make your friends jealous.

Stick to a Scale

Your small space will actually feel larger with moderately sized or slightly smaller furniture. It can seem a little off-balance and even dramatic if your furniture is really big.

Dal Segno offers a line of products that have been reinterpreted from classic Italian design. They provide exquisitely-designed tables, chairs, and more, all suited for comfortable apartment living.

Fill your living room with Italian elegance and sophistication with smaller pieces such as side wine tables or stools.

Incorporate Glass

Unless your living circumstances prevent you from keeping glass structures in the home (if you have little children running around, for example) glass tabletops, mirrors, and even chairs can give off the illusion of a bigger space.

Apartment living can be challenging but with a thoughtful action plan and access to the best furniture and design, you’ll want to stay there forever.