4 Biggest Casues of Fires

Preventing fires often starts with knowing how they occur. By arming yourself with the right educational material, and taking the right preventative measures, you can significantly reduce your chances of a fire occurring either at your place of employment or your home. To help you avoid the devastating consequences that fires can bring with them, here are some of the most common reasons
why fires occur, and what you can do to prevent them.

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are some of the most deadly.  In many cases they’re due to faulty wiring which could have been avoided had it been maintained and checked regularly. While in other cases, it’s simply a matter of things going haywire. What you can do is avoid overloading your outlets, and be careful what you keep around your electronics. For example, keeping highly flammable materials in a place that’s at risk of an electrical fire is asking for trouble.  

Kitchen Accidents

Although associated with family meals, and delicious food, kitchens can also come with a considerable amount of risks. Cooking fires are some of the most common, and usually one of the top reasons for fires at home. That’s why it’s incredibly important that you always supervise what you’re cooking in the kitchen. This is particularly important if you have a gas stove— always stay aware of anything around the flame. Even one small spark could lead to a destructive fire. You also want to make sure no gas is leaking from your stove. If you have a gas leak, all it takes is one spark and there could be an explosion.

Heating Fires

A faulty heating system like a furnace or even a fireplace is often a common reason for homes catching on fire. It’s incredibly important that you have proper ventilation in your home, and that you always maintain a safe space between your heat source and surrounding objects. Even something as innocent as a space heater could result in a fire, so keep your eye on your heat sources and inspect them regularly to make sure that they’re in working order and not touching a flammable object.


It’s no secret that cigarettes can kill you from cancer— yet what many people don’t realize is how commonly they cause fires too. An ash from a cigarette that falls onto a flammable surface can seem innocent at first, yet in a matter of seconds burst into flames. It’s recommended to smoke outside, and if you do smoke outside, always put your cigarette into a non flammable container that doesn’t risk catching dry leaves or other outdoor flammable sources on fire.

Just a little bit of foresight can make a world of difference when preventing fires, so do your part to be careful, and follow the right safety tips.