Avoid Getting Handed a Serious Injury


When was the last time you dealt with a serious injury in your life?

With any luck at all, you can say you’ve never had to deal with such pain and angst.

That said many people can tell of tales where injuries got the better of them. As a result, they had to alter their lives for a portion of time, perhaps for the remainder of their lives.

If you’ve dealt with a serious injury at some point, did you learn anything from the experience?

In many instances, individuals probably learned not to put themselves in such a position ever again.

So, how best can you go about getting handed a serious injury?

Practicing Safety Non-Stop

In order to stay as safe as possible, it is important to mostly practice commonsense.

Yes, commonsense can play a major role in helping you avoid the worst of injuries, injuries that you could very well end up regretting.

With that being the case, here are a few commonsense practices to remember:

  • Driving safely – Always emphasize safety when behind the wheel or even as a passenger in one’s vehicle. That especially goes for younger drivers and passengers, many of whom think they are ultimately indestructible. From driving at a safe speed to always wearing a seat belt, don’t take unnecessary risks in order to try and demonstrate how cool you are;
  • Hands up at attention – Your hands literally handle dozens and dozens of different items on a daily basis. That said do you truly put an emphasis on protecting them? For those guys wearing wedding rings, have you ever injured a finger or all of your hand by getting the ring caught in something. If so, having silicone wedding rings instead of the traditional stainless steel rings most men wear would certainly help. With silicone wedding rings, you are less prone to have your ring finger (and entire hand for that matter) be seriously damaged if you bump it against something, get your finger caught in something etc. Best of all, silicone wedding rings have a nice look to them, allowing for everyone to know you are committed to that special person in your life.

Don’t Walk into Trouble

  • Legs and feet kicking it – How many times have you walked into something, tripped over an object or even slid into something? Any such injuries have the potential to cause you serious physical pain. For example, if you are walking down a street and step off the curb in the wrong way, you could do more than just sprain an ankle. The potential for notable scrapes and bruises, a possible concussion, maybe even breaking one or more items is a possible reality. Take the time to not only watch where you are walking (or running), but also to do just that, take the time necessary to get to your destination. Instead of always being in a hurry, leave a little earlier on your walk. Doing so allows you to avoid that hurried and confused look and feel;
  • Knowing your surroundings – Lastly, do your best to know your surroundings, lowering the chances you will fall or worse. For instance, even when you are traveling in an area not too far or actually far from home, be as careful as possible when out and about. Since you’re not as familiar with the areas as you are your own neighborhood, it can be very easy to get hurt. Along with wanting to know if there are any crime issues where you are, also find out about walking conditions in terms of sidewalks, roads etc. Doing so will make you feel a little bit safer about getting around the area.

Remember, serious injuries are not only physically and emotionally painful, but they can also take you for a ride financially.

To lessen the odds of you becoming a candidate for a serious injury, do your best to observe safety and good old-fashioned commonsense.