The Best Repairs To DIY And The Ones That Need Expert Help

There are some home repairs and renovations that you can complete with basic tools and a little know-how, and there are others that should be left to trained tradespeople. Find out what types of projects you can conquer on your own and when you should call for help.

DIY: Fixing A Small Clog

When washing your dinner plates and forks, you notice that the soapy water in the sink is not going down. When you go to the bathroom, you see that the water in the toilet bowl is rising instead of falling once you flush the handle. You can easily unclog kitchen sinks and bathroom toilets by placing a plunger into the pool of water so that it fits over the drain and work it up and down until the contents start to recede. Avoid harsh liquid drain cleaners because they can be harmful to your health and to your plumbing.

Call The Experts: Fixing A Bigger Clog

A stubborn blockage will need professional intervention if your attempts with a plunger, natural cleaners or severe store-bought cleaners don’t work at all. You will need to call the experts at a place like Morrison Plumbing & Mechanical to come to your home and check out your problem — they will see if the drain needs to be cleared using a drain snake, water jetter or a rooter machine. Their skilled cleaning staff can give you tips to avoid a stubborn clog in the future, like what items to not put down the kitchen sink, what products that should never be flushed down the toilet and how to maintain healthy plumbing.

DIY: Painting The Kitchen Cabinets

One of the best DIY kitchen projects that you can do on a tight budget is painting the cabinets — you can transform the look of the entire room without having to buy a lot of appliances, fixtures and home décor. The only reason why people skip doing this type of task on their own is that it can be time-consuming. It should take you an entire weekend of work to prep the area and then paint your kitchen cabinets — start by covering the flooring and countertops with tarps, lining the cabinets with tape, sanding the wood down and cleaning it. After you have followed all of those crucial steps, you can apply coats of paint to get the desired colour.

Call The Experts: Installing The Kitchen Cabinets

Decorating your cabinets is one thing, but you shouldn’t try to insert any new models on your own. You run the risk of installing them incorrectly, leaving you with tilted or mismatched doors. The poor results will make you wish you called a professional contractor to do the job in the first place.

There is no shame in giving up and getting dedicated experts to come to your house to finish the job. It’s better to know when to call it a day than to push past your limits and end up with bad results you will pay to fix later.