5 Tips to Get Back into Fitness After a Break

It’s normal to hit the “wall” after an extended period of physical activity. Taking a break from your fitness regime may be necessary if your work schedule is tight, you are stressed out, or suffering from an injury. When you are ready to resume your fitness routine, you may feel stressed out. It can be daunting to get back into consistent exercise habits after an enforced break. Here are some tips to help you get back into the gym without going through too much pain.

Set the Right Goals

Understand what you want to accomplish when you are thinking about rekindling your exercise routines. Setting smart goals is one way to boost your chances of getting back into your fitness programs stronger than ever before. Your smart goals should be:

  •   Specific

It is simply not enough to say you want to keep fit again; you need to set your priorities. Your specific goal could be geared towards strengthening your abs, building your muscle mass, or maybe losing weight. When you meet a specific goal, it can propel you to realize your overall goal.

  •   Measurable

Choose a goal that means you can track your progress easily. For instance, if you are trying to lose weight, weigh yourself from time to time, and you will know whether you are on track or not.

  •   Attainable and time-bound

A specific goal should be achievable in the first place. After all, there is no point in chasing a wild goose. Instead of trying to lose 20 pounds overnight, set a reasonable timeline to achieve the goal.

Take it slowly

According to Meghan Callaway, a Vancouver-based fitness coach, it’s better to start with full-body strength workouts every week. Allow a day between your routines for recovery. Each fitness session should include movement patterns such as squats, shoulder press, push-ups, sit-ups, and so on. Doing these will enable you to regain your basement strength with ease.

As long as you take things slowly, you can speed up your recovery rate. Progress every week or two by increasing your reps, sets, and weights. At the same time, you can try to decrease your rest periods between sets.  Remember that slow and steady wins the race. Want to boost your training with steroids? Check out Valkyrie Online for reference.

Be active during your off days

Muscle soreness is real, and it can be painful, especially when you are starting your routines from scratch all over again. While it can be tempting to give up because of post-workout soreness, try to stay active during your days off. This shouldn’t be an intense training session or anything like that — simple movements can speed up your recovery. Moreover, staying active during your recovery days will further help you maintain your consistency. You could go for a brisk walk around your neighborhood, or probably, do a few yoga flows, and you are good to go. The idea is to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Decrease your reps

When you reignite your passion for the gym, resist the temptation to lift heavy weights too soon. In fact, decrease your reps and leave something in the tank. It’s alright if you stop a few reps short of your usual limit. Assuming you can comfortably lift a 10-kg weight for 15 reps, you may want to stop at 10 reps — just to see how your body feels the next day

Hire a fitness trainer

For those who are not comfortable with setting workout routines, it’s a good idea to hire a fitness trainer when you want to get back into the gym. It’s easier to achieve your fitness goals if you partner with a professional fitness junkie. They will help you overcome any fears you have and design amazing workouts that will make your return to the gym a wonderful experience.